Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

A resident at the Linbrook Apartments on Linbrook Drive told police he parked his 2007 Camry in the lot around 8:30 p.m. on June 3 and woke up the next morning to find that three of his wheels were missing from the car. Officer Charles Austin said he found the car up on a jack and the spare tire with the two rear wheels and one front wheel missing. He said the lug nuts were left on the ground beside the car. There were no suspects or witnesses.

Officer Tomas Bogusz reported a break in a vacant house on Brentwood Avenue on June 6. The owner of the house said the property was vacant and for sale and he came by earlier to find the back door open and the basement flooded. He told Bogusz he called the Warwick Fire Department and after the water was pumped out, they found the flood was caused by someone attempting to cut the copper pipes from the boiler area. He said a chandelier that hung in the dining room of the house was also missing. The chandelier was valued at $500. The damage to the basement and the boiler, which had been completely submerged, was estimated at $5,000. No suspects or witnesses.

A Warwick man told police he went to see a movie at the Showcase Cinema with his two children on June 3 for a matinee showing and returned to his car to discover that his cell phone, which he had left under his seat, and his son’s iPad, which was left covered by a backpack on the floor of the rear seat, were gone. He said he called Sprint about the phone in an attempt to locate it, but they informed him that the phone had been turned off and he came immediately to headquarters to report the theft. He told police the LG Optimus cell phone cost $300 and the iPad was worth $599. No suspects or witnesses.
A Bayside Country Club Apartments resident told police he left his 1997 Acura Integra in the parking lot around 11 p.m. on June 5 and came back the next day to learn that the car was stolen. The car was valued at around $2,000, but the owner told police he was an auto mechanic and his canvas tool bag with about $700 worth of Snap-On tools was in the trunk. No suspects or witnesses.
A West Shore Road homeowner told police an aluminum awning that was kept behind a dumpster in his driveway was missing on June 7. He said the green awning had the words, “Café Luna” on the front and cost about $1,500. Police speculated that scrap metal thieves were responsible for the theft. No suspects or witnesses.

A Cranston man was charged with shoplifting at the Wal-Mart store on Post Road on June 10 after a loss prevention agent for the store identified him as the man he saw walk out of the store with a fishing pole without paying for it. Officer Christian Vargas reported that he located the man’s car after getting a description of it and following with his lights and siren on into Cranston where it finally stopped. He said he found a fishing pole in the car that still had a $129.99 Wal-Mart tag on it that the man claimed belonged to him for a long time. He said the man had lots of other fishing equipment in the car and described himself as an “avid fisherman.” Vargas said the man could not explain why the avid fisherman’s pole still had the store’s price tags on it and at that point, the man claimed he walked into the store with the pole. Vargas said he then told the man they had video of him leaving the store with the pole and the man admitted it belonged to Wal-Mart. He said the loss prevention agent identified the man as the one who took the pole and Mark F. St. Jean, 50, of 120 Wentworth Ave. in Cranston was charged with shoplifting and told he was no longer welcome in the store. Vargas said there was a prior shoplifting arrest and charge on St. Jean’s record but no disposition of the 2008 case was listed or available at the time, so it was deemed a misdemeanor offense.
Officer Nicholas Reay reported arresting a woman at Kohl’s in the Rhode Island Mall on June 7 who was charged with shoplifting $96.93 worth of clothing. A loss prevention agent told Reay she followed the woman out to her car and then escorted her back into the store where they recovered the goods. Reina Negron, 26, of 31 Grand St. in Providence, was later released with a summons and $5,456 in cash that she was carrying at the time of her arrest.
Officer Eric Lima reported that a Providence woman was identified as a shoplifting suspect on the basis of infected facial piercing on June 5. Lima said a clerk at the Rainbow Shop told him the woman, who was wearing a blue Best Buy vest at the time, set off the sensor alarm as she was leaving the store and refused to come back into the store. Lima said he gave employees at Best Buy a description, including the infected piercings and was immediately led to Diaralini Garcia, 22, of 1346 Eddy St., in Providence. Lima said Garcia came back to the store and admitted she had taken some goods and returned the clothing to the store. She was later released with a summons for District Court.
A man and woman were charged with shoplifting from the Wal-Mart on Post Road on June 5 after loss prevention described them as the people who left the store with three iPhone covers they hadn’t paid for. Loss prevention said they made a number of purchases but did not pay for the phone covers they concealed before checking out. Marvin A. Novegil, 22, of 39 Westerly St. in Providence, and Ashley Lataille, 19, of 575 Dyer Ave. in Cranston, were charged with shoplifting and later released with summonses for District Court.

Sgt. John McAniff reported he was on a radar post on Airport Road around 1:10 a.m. on June 5 when he clocked an SUV doing 70 miles per hour. He said he took off after the vehicle and caught up with it near 1748 Post Rd. He said the driver smelled strongly of alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated. He said he gave the driver a series of filed sobriety tests that he failed and he arrested Jason R. Jacques, 30, of 201 Eldridge St., Cranston, and took him to headquarters where he refused to take a breath test. Jacques was charged with speeding, refusal and DUI, second offense, and later released to a sober adult.


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