Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

Officer William Castaldi reported he was dispatched to Kohl’s at the Rhode Island Mall on June 28 for a shoplifting suspect in custody. Loss prevention at the store told Castaldi they saw the woman enter the jewelry department and select a number of fragrances and jewelry and them take the items to the back of the store where she removed the goods from the packaging and concealed the items in her purse before she left the carriage with the empty packages in the toy department. The loss prevention agents told Castaldi she took $487.79 worth of merchandise and attempted to leave without paying for it. Laura K. Ellard, 27, of 64 Greenwood St. in Cranston was charged with shoplifting and later released with a summons.

Officer Jason Brodeur reported he was dispatched to 350 Long St. around 12:45 a.m. on June 24 for an accident with no injuries involving an intoxicated man. The reporting party told dispatch the car hit four parked cars and they had the plate number in case he attempted to leave. Brodeur said he had a name and address for the license plate by the time he got to the scene and found the car and driver on the side of the road, with the driver standing at the rear, using the trunk to support himself. He said the driver smelled strongly of alcohol and slurred his speech. He said he could not stand up straight or keep from falling down, using the car for support. Brodeur said he attempted to give the driver a field sobriety test but soon forgot about that when it was apparent that he could not stand up unassisted for any length of time. The driver was arrested and taken to Kent Hospital for a blood test. He said he asked the driver if he would take a blood test and he answered, “Yes, I want to go home,” and then scribbled on the rights form. But Brodeur said he was not sure if the driver understood what he was being asked and put the question to him a second time, with a second rights form. He said he scribbled on the form again and again it was not clear if he was agreeing to a test or not and decided to call it a refusal, with the attending nurse as a witness. Daniel DiCicco, 21, of 69 Sage Dr. in Warwick was charged with DUI, refusal, wrong side of the road and not wearing a seat belt and left in the care and custody of the hospital staff.
Sgt. John McAniff reported he was on a stationary post near the Post Office in Apponaug around 2:25 a.m. when he saw a car speeding toward the Post Road Extension at an estimated 60 miles per hour. McAniff said he followed the car and watched it drift in and out of lanes without signals before he stopped it at the base of the Extension. He said he detected a strong smell of alcohol as he spoke with the driver and the driver appeared to be intoxicated. He said the driver failed the field sobriety test and McAniff stopped it for the driver’s safety when he almost fell attempting the one leg stand. He said he read the driver his rights and the driver told him he wanted to talk to his lawyer. He was brought to headquarters where the driver repeatedly said he wanted to talk to his lawyer and that he was “not taking any tests.” McAniff said he had some difficulty putting the driver in touch with his lawyer, but they did finally get him on a landline and he left them alone to talk. He said the driver eventually signaled to him that he was done talking with his attorney and was refusing to take the test. David A. Poland, 29, of 25 Fairmont Dr. in East Greenwich, was charged with DUI, refusal, speeding and laned roadway violations. Poland was held for District Court as a probation violator.


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