Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.

An accident on Centerville Road on Oct. 15 led to the arrest of two Providence men on drug charges. Police responded to an accident that occurred when a motorist’s foot slipped off his brakes and he hit the back of another car near the red light at Hardig Road. The subjects in the car that was hit were transported to Kent Hospital for evaluation.
In the meantime, Officer Christian Vargas called for additional help when he suspected there were drugs present in the car they were in. In addition to drugs there, Officer Jason Cooke reported he went to the hospital to relieve another officer and encountered one of the accident victims on a gurney in the corridor. He said the man on the gurney looked up and saw him and threw a bag on the ground and stuffed a green leafy substance into his mouth. He said he asked the man what he was doing and could see a bulge in his cheek, and when he opened his mouth Cooke could see what looked like marijuana and could smell the drug on his breath. He said he grabbed the man and forced him to spit out what he had in his mouth and grabbed the stuff and put it in a bag. He said they put the man in handcuffs and he claimed that was all the marijuana he had on himself.
Jeffrey Woodrops, 22, of 30 Toronto St., Providence, was ultimately charged with possession of crack cocaine and marijuana with intent to sell after $815 he was carrying was “hit” on by K-9 “Fox,” who sniffed it out as drug money after he blindly selected it from among multiple money samples at headquarters. Another passenger in the car, identified as Angel Cruz, 23, of 17 Kipling St., Providence, was similarly charged when Fox sniffed $1,036 in cash found with him and indicated it was exposed to controlled substances, which can be used as expert evidence in drug-dealing trials.

Officer Tomas Bogusz reported three trees were apparently set on fire in the area behind 15 Pioneer Ave. on Oct. 22. He said there were no suspects and witnesses and the case was forwarded to detectives.

Officer Gary Driscoll reported that the wheels from a 2003 Honda Accord went missing sometime between Oct. 11 and Oct. 16. The manager of Sullivan Tire on Jefferson Boulevard told police the car had been towed to their business on Oct. 11 to await engine repairs, but the manager found the car propped up on four tires and several lug nuts left at the scene. The lug nuts were seized as evidence and Driscoll said he notified the owners of the stolen wheels and that they wanted to press charges if the culprit was found. No suspects or witnesses. Driscoll reported that the wheels were valued at $1,000.

Officer Jason Cooke went to Cedar Hurst School on Main Avenue on Oct. 20 for a report of a break-in. An employee said he was passing by the place that afternoon and noticed a hole in the back door and several broken windows. He said textbooks had been thrown on the floor; sinks had been smashed and copper pipes pulled out of the walls. He told Cooke the whole building had been ransacked. Detectives were called to the scene to process it for prints and other evidence. No suspects or witnesses. He said they had no idea yet how much pipe had been taken.

A Washington Street homeowner told police she went into her backyard around 5 p.m. on Oct. 23 and noticed that a 20-foot aluminum extension ladder was missing from her deck. She said she last saw the ladder the day before and that it was worth around $200. No witnesses or suspects.

Officer David Thompson reported the theft of over $8,000 worth of tools from a contractor’s van on Dawn Lane on Oct. 23. The owner reported finding the van’s back doors open when he went to move it and discovered they had been forced open sometime overnight. Generators, drills compressors, nail guns and ladders were taken. There were no witnesses or suspects, and detectives were notified as a complete inventory was done.

Officer Tammy Mello reported that four screens used for grinding compost went missing from the City Compost unit on Range Road on Oct. 23. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer James Vible reported seeing a pickup truck stopped on the off-ramp for Route 95 on East Avenue around 3:30 a.m. on Oct. 14. He said the driver was slumped over the wheel and passed out with the engine running and the lights on and the only thing keeping the truck from moving was the tire against the curb. He said he couldn’t wake the driver up and had to reach in and move the man’s legs to turn the engine off. He said the man smelled of alcohol and had no idea where he was when he finally awoke. Vible said the driver replied, “[Expletive] you!” to every question he asked. He said the driver told him to “‘Hold on, I have to [urinate],’” at which time he closed his eyes and placed his hands over his genital area….” He said the driver’s pants were damp when he got out of the truck for a field sobriety test. He said he stopped the test when the driver had to be held up to keep from falling. Jaryd L. North, 28, of 43 Goodrich Ave., Warwick, was taken to headquarters, where he refused to take a breath test. He was charged with laned roadway violations, refusal and DUI and later released to a sober adult around 7 a.m.


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