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Officer Albert Marano reported charging a West Warwick man with assault on Feb. 20 after attempting to give the man a ride home. Marano reported that he was on patrol around 11:30 p.m. when he saw the man walking in the middle of Post Road. Marano said he instructed the man to get onto the sidewalk and then asked him where he was going and why he was stumbling in the middle of the road. He said the man admitted he had been drinking all day and needed a ride home. Marano said he told him he would give him a ride if he could assure him that there would be a sober adult there to take custody of him. The man said he could go to his mother’s house in Greenwood and Marano said he patted him down and put him in the back seat of the cruiser. Marano reported that they were on their way when the man told him that Marano was not allowed to speak to his mother and then said he no longer wanted to go to his mother’s house. Marano said he then told him he would take him to Kent Hospital for detox if he could not guarantee that a sober adult be at any other place he took him to. Marano reported that they were on their way to Kent when the man became agitated and aggressive and started insulting Marano, calling him “a ‘spic’ and other racial names.” Marano said he called for another unit to meet him at the hospital and was getting him out of the cruiser when the man pushed Marano’s neck with two hands and Marano and Sgt. Lima brought him to the ground where they struggled to get handcuffs on the man and told him he was now under arrest for assaulting a police officer. Marano said he continued to resist at headquarters and assaulted a second officer. He said they put him in a cell where he took off his pants and continued to insult Marano and made vulgar suggestions as he was touching his own genitals. He was advised to pull his pants up and he did, but he also struck a fighting stance and pushed another officer. Marano said they struggled to put him in handcuffs again and eventually took him back to the hospital where he stayed under arrest as a probation violator for a disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charge from last year.


A number of officers were dispatched to the Chili’s restaurant on Bald Hill Road around 4:20 p.m. on Feb. 21 for a fight and possible stabbing in progress. Sgt. Stephen Fernandes reported that two employees had an argument inside the kitchen and then went outside to settle it. In the process, one of the employees was stabbed in the hand and another denied stabbing him or having a knife. After speaking with all the officers and the two combatants, Fernandes concluded that one of the men had stabbed the other with a screwdriver that they located in the pickup truck of the suspect and Fernandes went to Kent Hospital to speak with the victim, who was being treated for a cut on his hand. Fernandes said the victim told him he was finishing his shift in the kitchen when the suspect arrived to start his. He said the suspect accused him of talking trash behind his back and challenged him to a fight. Fernandes said he told him they then went outside and he told the suspect he would have to start the fight because the victim didn’t want to fight at all. He said the suspect then kicked him and they started to fight. He said another employee tried to break the fight up and the suspect took out what looked like a knife and said “I’ll kill you!” and then swung the object at him and cut his hand. At that point, according to Fernandes, the police were called. Fernandes said the suspect denied stabbing anyone at first but eventually admitted he used a screwdriver in the fight and then put the screwdriver in his truck before police came. Jeffri Danilo Castrillo, 23, of 318 Valley St. in Providence was charged with felony assault with a dangerous weapon and held for the bail commissioner.


A Warwick man went to headquarters on Feb. 20 to report that a number of his tools went missing from his Jeep Cherokee overnight. He said the jeep was parked in his girlfriend’s driveway on Bellevue Avenue around midnight and he returned to it around 8 a.m. to find that the tools were gone from his unlocked vehicle. He said a reciprocating saw, several nail guns, a compressor, a hammer drill and a screw gun were worth around $1,500. There were no witnesses or suspects.

A Cranston man told police he was at the Dunkin’ Donuts at 422 Warwick Ave. around 6:45 a.m. on Feb. 20 and returned to his car around 8:30 a.m. to find the window smashed and a projector and laptop case were gone. He said the projector cost $1,200 and the case was worth $50. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer James Wenneman reported he went to Gregg’s restaurant on Post Road around 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 16 for a report of a larceny from a car there. The owner told him he arrived around 6:45 and had dinner before going back to the car around 7:45 and finding the front passenger window smashed and his iPad and GPS unit worth a total of $800 were missing, along with about $20 in change and a pair of Maui sunglasses worth $175. No witnesses. Wenneman reported he was back at Gregg’s around 8:20 p.m. for another break into a car. This time a Connecticut man said he came to the restaurant around 6:30 p.m. and returned to his car to find the driver’s side window smashed in and a $150 jacket and a backpack with about $1,000 worth of clothing inside were gone. There were no witnesses or suspects but one employee told him he saw a hammer on the ground in the parking lot. He said he found the hammer about 50 feet from where the Jeep that had been broken into earlier had been parked. He placed the hammer in evidence to be processed by detectives.

Police reported a window broken in the parking lot of Barnes & Noble on Bald Hill Road on Feb. 12. The owner said she came back to her car around 10:20 p.m. and found the window busted and her $300 Burberry purse missing. No witnesses.

Police reported that three vehicles parked on Jefferson Street were “gone through” overnight and several items taken. One woman said both her cars were gone through and a GPS unit was missing from one of them. A second resident said his GPS unit was missing and a number of things moved around in his car. A third resident said he only learned his car had been ransacked after he arrived at work and realized his DeWalt nail gun was missing. No witnesses or suspects.

A Kirby Avenue resident told police he returned to his car around 6:30 a.m. on Feb. 19 and discovered that his $500 Galaxy Nexus cell phone was missing. He told police he left the car unlocked in his driveway. No suspects.

A Kiwanee Road resident told police he found the radio and amplifier in his car went missing overnight on Feb. 20. The glass on a rear window was broken and the $675 stereo system was gone. No witnesses.

A Sand Pond Road resident told police someone entered his vehicle overnight and took his handicapped parking placard. No witnesses or suspects.


Officer Nadine Pallini reported she was on patrol around 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 12 when dispatch reported a suspected drunk driver on Narragansett Parkway. She said she caught up with the car on the parkway and followed it onto North Country Club and then Warwick Avenue as it traveled very slowly and erratically until she pulled it over near 891 Warwick Ave. She said the driver appeared to be intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. She said she got him out of the car for a field sobriety test and he failed it. She said she took him to headquarters where he told her he didn’t understand when she asked him to take a breath test and ultimately charged him with refusal when he refused to sign a refusal form or take the test. Rudolph O. Almada, 54, of 81 Blanding Ave. in East Providence was charged with DUI and later released to a sober adult.


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