Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


Officer Hovsep Sarkisian reported stopping a car that caught his attention by screeching its tires on a green light at East Avenue and Bald Hill Road around 2 a.m. on March 16. He said he clocked the car at 45 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone and watched it weave from lane to lane. He said he pulled the car over and approached the driver, who smelled of alcohol and appeared intoxicated. He said the operator admitted he had been drinking at a bar in Providence and agreed to take a field sobriety test. Sarkisian said he stopped the one-leg stand for the driver’s safety and told him he was under arrest for suspicion of drunk driving. He said the driver agreed to take a breath test at headquarters and blew a .216 and .213 blood alcohol content. Matthew R. Pariseau, 28, of 34 Pond St. in Warwick was charged with DUI, laned roadway violations and manner of starting from a stop.



Officer Mark Jandreau reported the theft of at least 13 batteries from Ryder Truck Rental on Jefferson Boulevard on March 22. A manager there told Jandreau a driver came into the office and reported that the batteries were missing from one of their vehicles that morning and a check of other trucks on the lot revealed that many more were missing. He said the batteries came from five different trucks and some of the battery cables were taken along with the batteries. He said he hadn’t checked all the trucks in the front lot but would do so and report back about that. The manager told Jandreau the missing batteries were worth at least $2,500. No suspects or witnesses.


Officer Jacob Elderkin reported going to the Warwick Mall on March 23 for a report of a missing license plate from a Johnston woman. She told Elderkin she parked her car outside Macy’s around 2 p.m. and went inside the store. She said she returned to her car around 5 p.m. and noticed that the front license plate was missing. She told Elderkin she was sure she saw it on the car when she parked it. She said she went and picked up her husband at the Target store and they returned to the parking spot to look around. She said her husband found a screw that came from the plate bracket on the ground. The rear plate was still in place. Elderkin said he gave her the form to apply for a replacement plate. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Matthew Higgins reported he was called into headquarters around 7 p.m. later the same day and met with a Warwick woman who said she parked her car at Macy’s around 6 p.m. and saw that her front license plate was gone. She too said she was sure it was on the car when she parked. There were no suspects or witnesses. Both plates were entered into NCIC as stolen.


Officer Mark Jandreau said he went to Chapmans Avenue around 12:30 p.m. on March 23 for a report of a missing snow blower. The resident told Jandreau he went outside to the back deck to put gas in the snow blower and discovered it wasn’t there. He said it was kept under a tarp and that no one else had permission to use it or move it. He said he and his wife checked their shed and the rest of the yard, in case they were wrong about where they left it but did not find any sign of it. The man said he is up at 3 or 4 in the morning because of the medicine he takes and can’t imagine someone taking it without him hearing it. He said they also had motion sensor lights in the backyard and even have a dog, but there were no unusual sights or sounds during the night. He said they bought the Troybilt snow blower in January at Lowe’s for $345.72. He said the owner could not find the owner’s manual and could not provide a serial number. No other witnesses or suspects.

Officer Michelle Caron said she took a report of some missing landscaping tools on March 21. She said a Greene Street resident came into headquarters around 8:55 a.m. and told her he parked the company truck in his driveway the night before and when he returned to it that morning, he saw that two of his company’s machines were gone. He said an Echo PPB leaf blower worth $350 and an SRM 225 weed whacker worth $289 had been left in the bed of his Ford pickup truck. There were no suspects or witnesses.

A driver and worker for Dickinson Fleet Services reported a variety of stainless steel parts comprised of sets of valances, brackets and X members were missing from the company truck on March 25. The driver said he last saw the parts on Saturday, March 23. He said the parts were worth $343.83. Officer Scott Chanthaphouvong reported no suspects or witnesses.


Officer Nicholas Reay reported a break into a car parked at the Scott School on Centerville Road on March 22. A teacher told Reay she came back from lunch around 12:45 p.m. and left her car out front and found the front driver’s side window of her 2011 Toyota Prius smashed when she returned around 3 p.m. She said a Toshiba laptop worth $679.99 and an empty black leather pocketbook were missing. She said the purse was worth around $50. He said he found a large, apparently male footprint in front of the car with a target shaped design on the ball of the sole but said there was no way of knowing if it belonged to the thief or someone else at the school. No witnesses or suspects.


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