Political Advertising


There are many ways to reach perspective voters in your communities of interest;Warwick (Beacon), Cranston (Herald) and Johnston (Sun Rise)

PRINT ADVERTISING: Print advertising is available in all three newspapers as well as in the PennySaver. All prices are based on size and can range in price from as little as $40 - $50 per week (Business card size) depending upon the paper to well over $1000 for full pages in full color.

Advertising discounts are based on frequency. The more weeks your run, the less expensive per week.

WEB ADVERTISING: If you are reading this then you responded to a WEB ad. WEB ads are available on any of our WEB sites for only $10 per thousands impressions. Use the WEB ad as a billboard simply advertising your run for election or link through to your own web site where you can provide much more information about your candidacy.

INSERTS: All papers have the ability to insert your preprinted flyer or, if you choose, we can design and print your flyer for you. Insertion costs are $45/m flyers. Printing and design charges are available on request.

STICKERS: Front page ‘sticky notes’ are available on all our papers. Only one sticker per paper so if this is of interest, make your reservations now. The cost, including printing and application, is $70/m.

If you are running for office in...










*Rules of the road

All advertising is subject to publisher’s approval

All political advertising must be paid for in advance

All political advertising must be clearly identified as such

All political advertising will be charged the earned rate

Paid campaign advertising in periodicals for or against a candidate or ballot question must contain a disclosure including the name of the chairperson or secretary or the names of two officers of the organization or the name and address of the responsible person. In addition, a person publishing or distributing a circular, flier, or poster for or against a candidate or ballot question must include a statement with the name of the author and either the names of the chairperson and secretary or two officers of the organization issuing the poster, flier, or circular. If an individual is responsible, the individual’s name and address must be included.


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