Protecting children?


To the Editor:

On the afternoon of February 26, a very large number of people who seemed to be members of RI Right to Life were at the State House to demonstrate against the right of women to make their own decisions about their own health care.

At the same time, a Judiciary Committee hearing was being held regarding House Bill 5171, which would extend the statute of limitations for pedophiles and child sexual abusers, giving redress to people who were victimized, abused and raped when they were children. Not a single person who was part of the demonstration (they were almost all wearing identifying shirts or neckerchiefs) showed up at the hearings meant to protect child victims and prevent identified child predators from harming other children.

Now I may be naive, but I would think that of all people who wanted to protect children it would be members of this group. I guess I was wrong. I repeat: not one single member of that group testified on behalf of victimized children. I would really be interested to hear their reasoning.

Judith Zimmer

East Greenwich


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Judith, you should really take a college level course in 'logic'. Because I don't/can't attend a hearing I don't care? Is that right? Perhaps you attend every hearing that affects children? Doubtful.

Friday, March 1
Judith Zimmer

I can guarantee I attend more house & senate hearings about children than 'davebarry' does. And to be clear: NOT ONE SINGLE SO-CALLED PRO-LIFER. NOT ONE.

Monday, March 11