RI film will debut at red carpet event tonight in NYC


Several Rhode Islanders will be making their way down the red carpet tonight. The cast and crew of “Loosies,” the latest film from local production company Verdi Productions will premiere at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City this evening, and stars from Hollywood and Little Rhody will be present.

Chad Verdi produced this movie under Verdi Productions, one of the two production companies he founded in 2011. The other, Woodhaven Films, released “Inkubus” starring Robert Englund this past fall.

“Loosies” tells the story of a New York City pickpocket named Bobby, played by Peter Facinelli of “Twilight” fame. Bobby has a one-night stand with Lucy, who is played by Jaimie Alexander of “Thor.” When Lucy informs Bobby that she’s pregnant, he’s left with the choice to continue his criminal lifestyle or clean up and become a family man. But when Bobby unknowingly steals the badge of an NYPD captain, a chase ensues, and complications arise.

The resulting film is what producer Chad Verdi is calling a “romantic dramedy,” a love story with dramatic and comedic moments. The cast also includes Hollywood names like William Forsythe, Christy Carlson Romano and Michael Madsen.

The film was shot over a three-week period at the former Cranston Police Department. They transformed the empty rooms of the building into two New York City apartments, a hospital room and a police bullpen. They also filmed for a week in New York.

IFC, the Independent Film Channel, bought the film and will be releasing it on-demand and in cinemas. The premiere will take place tonight, and the film will also show tomorrow at the IFC Center in New York.

Verdi said tonight’s event will feature a red carpet entrance for both the Hollywood and Rhode Island actors featured in the film.

“The heavy hitters will be there as well as the local actors,” said Verdi. “It’s great to mix them.”

Local actors in “Loosies” include Tommy DeNucci and Tom Paolino, both of Cranston. The two were featured in Woodhaven’s first film, “Inkubus,” and will also appear in “Infected,” which will be released in October.

“It’s sexy and metropolitan; it’s got an edge,” said Paolinoof “Loosies.”

Paolino studied film at Brown University and then spent several years pounding the pavement in NYC and Los Angeles. Now that he’s back in Rhode Island, he’s grateful to continue to work in his industry of choice.

“It’s great to see local actors be able to work with big time Hollywood stars,” said Verdi.

Both Paolino and DeNucci are excited about the “Loosies” premiere, but are already preparing for future projects.

DeNucci, who recently made his onstage debut in the Gamm’s production of “Hamlet,” wrote a screenplay that he plans to produce and direct this year.

“There’s no question, when I’m on set, it’s truly the experience of a lifetime,” he said. “I’m trying to do anything I can to prolong that experience.”

Paolino has been preparing for his next audition, which he hopes will land him the title role in Verdi Productions’ “Paz,” which will tell the story of local boxing legend Vincent Pazienza.

“My dream is to play Paz,” he said. “I studied boxing for two months; I spent Friday with [Vincent Pazienza] and when I saw his home for sale I called the realtor and told them they had to let me in. I absorbed the energy of that space.”

Verdi believes that “Loosies” will “set the stage” for “Paz.”

“This was the real test,” said Verdi, who is already in pre-production for “Paz.”

“You can’t mess up on a movie like this,” he said.

“Paz” is slated to begin filming in September.

Although Verdi would not reveal the exact price tag of “Loosies,” he did allude to the budget exceeding $2 million.

Verdi’s Woodhaven Films produces low budget and horror flicks, with a budget cap of $2 million. Verdi Productions produces films with budgets greater than the $2 million mark.

Because IFC has the distribution rights for the film, Verdi is unsure when or if it will come to Rhode Island, or for how long it will run in New York.

Verdi said approximately 120 people were involved in the film, which was directed by Rhode Islander Michael Corrente.

“He did a great job,” said Verdi. “I think the actors responded well.”

“At the end of the day, we’re all guys from Rhode Island,” said Paolino. “That touched my heart and it’s nice to work with people you have a common bond with.”

Those who wish to rent “Loosies” may do so through their cable provider’s on-demand feature, through SundanceNow.com or via iTunes.


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