Ruben's Pet Zone

For everything your pet needs, and so much more


Attention Pet Lovers everywhere! Whether you have a snuggly puppy or a wise old cat, a parakeet, lizard, hamster, or even a pet mouse - then you absolutely must head to Ruben's Pet Zone in Warwick today! Ruben's Pet Zone, now in the plaza across from the Pawtucket Credit Union on Warwick Avenue, has everything to make you, and your pet, very happy.

Ruben's Pet Zone, owned and operated by Ruben and Diane Rocha is a fully-stocked pet supply store that is also the best destination for veterinarian- recommended organic and holistic foods in the area. Unlike in big-box retail stores where one is left to roam aimlessly around, Ruben can tell you anything you want to know about his products. Longtime customer Dawn Doster explains that her three schnauzers were finicky and uncooperative eaters ~ that is, until Ruben wove his "magic". Armed with his knowledge of the best products out there, he and Dawn patiently introduced her picky pets to a different food every day, one brand at a time. This went on for days as Ruben traded one brand for another until finally, he found one that the dogs would eat. Dawn says that all these years later, she owes a great debt of gratitude to Ruben, but for Ruben, this is just another day on the job. He sells a carefully selected inventory of premium cat and dog foods - the ones without all those unnecessary fillers and "mysterious" by-products and he stands by them for both their quality and their popularity with family pets. Some of these premium brands include:

• Blue Buffalo • Natural Balance

• Taste of the Wild • Nature's Variety

Also available here are an endless supply of leashes, collars, toys, chewies and accessories for your dog or cat, but also everything you will need for your less conventional pets. You will find supplies for your fish, gerbil, bird, or even for your lizard (crickets and mealworms too!) There is simply everything your pet could ever want or need.

Most important to Ruben and Diana Rocha is their passion for adoption and rescuing animals. They are aligned with many advocacy groups such as Defenders of Animals, as well as many rescue agencies and shelters. They are truly committed to protecting the rights of all animals. While you can purchase fresh water fish, many small animals like gerbils and hamsters, and even a parakeet, you will not find a cat or dog for sale here - Ruben's Pet Zone will ALWAYS go the adoption route when it comes to these loved family pets.

Ruben's Pet Zone is now located at 400 Warwick Ave., across the street from the Pawtucket Credit Union. Visit their website (, or call them at 383-3708. They are open seven days a week.


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