Sandwich named after popular pooch


Dogs from throughout the country are drooling in anticipation of an event that will take place at a local eatery.

Delicious, also known as “The Deli,” is welcoming dogs, their owners and customers to its location at 20 Rolfe Sq. in Cranston Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for “Dog Days of Autumn.” The outdoor party is a celebration of good food and of Bubba Louie, a black and white French bulldog from St. Paul, Minn.

Deli owner Tracy McDonough named a sandwich after the two-and-a-half-year-old canine for his fun-loving personality.

“He’s very comical,” McDonough said. “When Prince William and Kate Middleton had their baby, he super imposed his picture on the baby’s head so they looked like they had a baby Bubba Louie.”

Dog lovers and pets from various parts of New England, the mid-west and beyond are expected. McDonough, who will bring her Boston terrier, JoJo, is Facebook friends with many of the anticipated guests.

“It’s a good opportunity to meet a lot of different people in person,” she said. “The dogs can’t come in The Deli, so we’re going to set up some tents and have a big welcoming party. They can definitely see the Bubba Louie Sandwich.”

While Bubba Louie won’t be in attendance, many of his friends will be there. His owners, Jerry and Patti Stueber, created a Facebook account for him, and he has more than 1,700 followers from around the country, as well as Germany, Great Britain, France, Serbia, Menorca, Australia and Argentina.

“Sometimes I joke that Bubba Louie has 10 times more Facebook friends than I do – and they’re all way more fun and interesting than mine,” said Jerry, who operates Bubba Louie’s page. “But that’s our Bubba. He’s all about having fun and bringing people together. The Bubba Louie Sandwich is a perfect example of that.”

Bubba Louie is thrilled of the honor.

“I’m super excited about The Bubba Louie Sandwich at The Deli,” Bubba Louie said. “And now a bunch of my Facebook friends are going to go there and try it for themselves. I won’t be there in person but I know all my friends who will be there will be posting pictures and updates on Facebook, so I will follow all the action that way. To celebrate, I will run around the room several times at a very high rate of speed.”

Patti and Jerry are very proud of him and the “wonderful” friendships he has made.

“We’ve met some of his friends in person and they are all incredible,” Patti said. “I just wish we could be there with his friends in Rhode Island to try the Bubba Louie Sandwich. I’m hoping they send us a couple in the mail.”

McDonough said she figured the event would be a fun way to bring people together. Mojo, Bubba Louie’s friend from North Carolina, heard about the event and plans to attend.

“I wanted to make it a celebration for our doggie friends,” McDonough said.

Samantha Satchwill, who works at Delicious, is also the night shift manager at Metropet Dog Center, a canine daycare at 2057 West Shore Road in Warwick, where McDonough brings JoJo. She thinks enjoying food and pets at one event is a fantastic idea.

“It’s great to be able to combine the two at an event like this, especially if it’s bringing in people from all across the country,” she said.

On hand will be local venders, including Jack’s Snacks, a dog bakery that specializes in gourmet dog biscuits and birthday cakes for dogs, and Spirit Animal Massage; both are based in Cranston.

Kerrie “Kerran” Ascoli, owner of Spirit, is also taking orders for pet portraits.

“She’s done a portrait of JoJo that’s hanging in The Deli,” McDonough said.

The Deli first opened as Pomegranates about 25 years ago, but re-opened as Delicious under new ownership in March. Two managers, Stephanie Masoian and Linda Minassian, are helping McDonough revamp the menu.

Aside from classics, like sandwiches and pizza, the menu includes Middle Eastern food such as hummus and Baba ganoush. It also sells glutton-free items.

“We have specials all the time,” she said. “Right now, we have pumpkin pudding and apple crisp.”

All this talk of food has Bubba Louie begging. But when he’s not dreaming about sandwiches or having fun with his Facebook friends, he’s going to the dog park, snuggling with his parents, or playing with his “monkey toys.”

“One fun thing we do is a game I call Bubba Monkey Tag,” Bubba Louie said. “I had some monkey hats that I wore for my Christmas card last year and so I asked all my friends who wanted to play to send me their address. Now the monkey hats are traveling all around the world and at each stop my dog friends take a photo wearing the monkey hats and post it on Facebook for everybody to see. It’s a super fun game. So far, the monkey hats have traveled over 14,000 miles.”

McDonough said these types of games make Bubba Louie unique. She’s pleased to be his friend.

“He’s the cutest little guy,” she said. “If you’re a dog lover, definitely find him on Facebook.”

The Deli, along with more information, can also be found on Facebook.


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