Search for happiness Toll Gate grads told


“It has not been a simple journey for you,” said Toll Gate High School Principal Stephen Chrabaszcz to the graduating class Tuesday evening at CCRI.

The Toll Gate class of 2014 was the first of Warwick’s public schools to graduate. Vets graduation ceremonies were held last night and Pilgrim’s will be held tonight. All ceremonies are being held at the Vincent Cullen Field House at CCRI.

The nearly 194 graduating students wore their blue and red gowns while many decorated their caps with glittery letters of their soon to be colleges. Speakers told the students to continue searching for happiness in their future endeavors.

Chrabaszcz thanked his fellow principals, department chairs, secretaries, senior class advisors, all teachers, and other staff and said, “The school would not run as smoothly as it does if it wasn’t for your help.”

School Committee Chairwoman Bethany Furtado told students, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” She also emphasized the “importance of education.”

Furtado gave a list of advice to students from what she has learned from life herself.

“Humility is an admirable quality,” she said. “Don’t dwell on today, tomorrow is another day.”

Superintendent Richard D’Agostino presented the Rhode Island Board of Education awards to students of proficiency with distinction in math and English NECAP tests.

He told students that the community knows what they are capable of, but asked them, “What will you do?”

He encouraged the students that they are the authors of the chapters that lie ahead.

“You are truly believers for tomorrow,” said D’Agostino.

Mayor Scott Avedisian looked out into the crowd and said the students’ collective energy, spirit and enthusiasm is part of what makes “this city very proud.”

Avedisian said that the education the students received at Toll Gate would be the foundation for the future.

“Your future is limitless. And this city is expecting big things from you,” he said.

The high school’s salutatorian and valedictorian’s speeches validated Avedisian’s projections when they both commemorated the teachers they all shared and their memories, which would make for a bright future for the students.

As the night continued, emotions heightened as well as the temperature inside the large room.

Although salutatorian Szabolcs Kiss, who will be attending MIT in the fall, said he didn’t prepare a written speech for the ceremony, he made sure to tell fellow graduates, “You don’t have to make sense of life, you just have to live it.”

Valedictorian Isaac Davis said regardless of your profession, it is important to “do what you like,” he said. “Listen to yourself to find happiness.”

Like Furtado, Davis gave his own advice.

“Pick your battles wisely,” and, “Take action till you’re content with the outcome,” he said.

Davis will be attending Brown University in the fall.

The junior class president, Abby Gregory, accepted the class gift, presented by senior class president Kyle Gray. He said the wireless microphone set being given would help make production easier in the future.

Before diplomas were distributed, Davis, Kiss, Evan Carley and Shanelle Lawson performed “In My Life” by The Beatles, and continued their performance with a surprise encore of “Make Me Smile” by Chicago. By the end of the song, the band had the graduating class clapping along with them.

At the end of the ceremony, families and excited friends followed the students out to where the evening’s cool breeze greeted the graduates.

Toll Gate Class of 2014

Jamie Edward Allstrom

Danielle Rebecca Andersen

Nicholas Damon Andersen

Samantha Jennifer Armstrong

Ashley Bernadette Ayotte

Zachary Michael Azeredo

Zachary John Bacon

William M. Bailer

Deja Reign Barnella-Brown

Jenna M. Beauchamp

Jose F. Beltran-Perez

Kelly Lynn Berard

Mackenzie Ann Bertwell

Caitlyn Blaine

Courtney Elizabeth Boyd

Alexandria Rae Brehmer 

Zachary Michael Bromage

Joseph John Brosnahan

Nicholas Harrison Brown

Anna Coline Brown- Pistacchio

Victoria Anna Bucci

Jesse Thomas Butler, Jr.

Veronica Rose Butler

Julia Louise Cardell

Jesse Vincent Cardiff

Evan M. Carley

Adam Brandon Carreiro

Christian Alexander Castro

Bryonna Lynn Cerullo

Dakota J. Clements

Haylee M. Clukey

Zien Ray C. Condor

Courtney Rose Conklin

Gianna Siobhan Cormier

Shawn Micheal Correia

Jeremy Michael Cullen

Matthew Brendan Cullen

Nathan Paul DaCosta

Isaac Medbury Davis

Matthew C. Davis

Kevin Manuel Delgado

Robert E. DeNoncour

Shane Guy Desjean

Christina Marie DiCenzo

Mikaela Konstance Dicomitis

John Paul DiGiuseppe

Ryan Patrick Donnelly

Timothy Alexander Dougan

Hannah Rose Dubiel

Shawn M. Dugdale

Christopher W. Durand

David J. Dutra, III

Stefani Anne Dzikiewicz

Jillian Madeline Eaton

Tyler Ekroth

Jordan Nicole Ethier

Jacqueline Leigh Falso

Elizabeth Anne Farnsworth

Corey J. Favino

Tianna Jade Francis

Arielle Frank

Madison Frechette-Thibeault

Alexis Mei Gabrielsen

Subathradevi Ganapathy

Arlette I. Garcia Bello

Yamile Garcia Hernandez

Tianna Jean Gavek

Jamie Lynne Geary

Mary Evelyn Gilbar

Jaime Elizabeth Given

Jeffrey Nathan Golditch

Caleb Joseph Gouge

Allison Marie Graves

Kyle E. Gray

Matthew Greco    

Gabriella S. Gregson-Morales

Lexi-Amber Hassell

Julia Noel Hathaway

Zane Xavier Henley

Clare Catherine Heston

Arizona Ashley Hunt-Kirtland

Anthony Iannone

Rabia Javed

Jake Neal Jessup

Delilah Nathalys Jimenez

Jake August Johnson

Kendra Ann Johnston

Rose Caroline Kaczmarek

Kayla Ashley Kanterman

 Alexander M.R. Kazandjian

Samantha Leigh Kellerman

Mackenzie L. Kelly

Rachel Kelly

Szabolcs Kiss

Henry Miles Kolakowski

Brandon R. Kraemer

Kelsey Kurbiec

Adeline Rose Lamothe

Kayla L. Langie  

Katherine Jane Lavallee

Amanda Cecilia Lawrence

Shanelle Marih’ Lawson

James Robert LeBlanc  

Alexander M. Lefebvre

Muireann Michaela Cotter Lemus

Corey D. Longworth

Megan Maria Lourenco

Evan Alexander Lubo

Noah Abraham Lukens

Thomas Michael Luongo

Max Lupovitz

Stephen James MacIntosh

Jacob F. Maloney

Ashley Rose Martinez

Brock A. Massa

Justin Michael Mather

Skyla Mathias

Kyle Hunter Mattix

Shannen Marie McClelland

Brandi-Marie Linda McDevitt

Laura E. McGuire

Kendra E. McGuirk

Emily Mae McMahon

William Michael Meehan, III

Luis Geraldo Mendoza   

Joseph Thomas Mercurio

Robert W. Mitchell

David Alexander Morena - Garcia

Kathleen E. Morlock

Emily Ann Morris

Kayleigh Alyssa Mullen

Caitlin Angelina Murphy

Kasey Lynn Murphy

David James Navilliat

Jacob D. Newell

Amber R. O’Brien

Justin Michael O’Gara

Jack Osenkowski

Gina Nicole Pacino

Brandi Lee Palazzo

Ciera M. Paolino

Darpan Narendra Patel

Kaylee Elizabeth Paul

AnnaRose Dorothy Pearson

Halee Joyce Peloso

Julie Beth Penn

Alexis Justine Perras

Danielle Elizabeth Petrangelo

Paige Petras

Stephanie Thuytien Thuy Pham

Alexander Carlton Pires

Ryan P. Powers

Max S. Procopio

Molly Elizabeth Pelletier Raposa

Jacqueline Rhaney

Patrick Stephen Rocchio

Meghan Susan Rocheleau

Mikayla Joy Rogers

Jacob S. Rosenberg

James Brandon Rowley

Elice Dion Roy

Hannah London Rudolph

Sarah Elizabeth Sagnella

Angelica Maria Salcedo

Emily Elizabeth Sammartino

Paige Rochelle Seidenberg

Megan Senerchia

Allegra Burgess Sgroi

Christian Bijan Shadravan

Mariah Nicole Silva

Brianna Lynn Sousa

Allyson Lee Spencer

David Louis Stachurski

Victoria Lynn Stadnik

Samantha Marie Stephenson

Cara Skye Tanner

Emily Grace Tarbox

Ong Alisha Thao

Meline Jelalian Thebarge

Richard Gerard Tougas,  Jr.

Aaron Gregory Travers

Ryan Perry Truesdale

Chase Michael Uglialoro

Taylor Jane Venter

Emily Loren Waggoner

Timothy Warner

Elizabeth Ashley Werner

Nicole E. Whalen  

Amanda Grace Wilks

Austin J. Williams    

Kevin James Williams  

Can Yavas

Karren Yuan


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