Sinapi welcomed by Council colleagues


Newly elected Ward 8 City Councilman Anthony Sinapi was probably wishing he had at least chosen to wear a nice pair of slacks on Monday night, as he was invited by Council President Steve Merolla to take his Ward 9 chair and watch the meeting unfold next to the seat that will become his as of January 2019.

To a round of applause Sinapi, wearing shorts and a collared t-shirt, made his way to the chair and sat down next to Joe Gallucci, the senior-most member of the Warwick City Council who he will soon replace in Ward 8. Fittingly enough, Sinapi will then become the youngest member of the council since Scott Avedisian was first elected to the Ward 1 seat in 1990.

“I didn't think that it would be quite so soon that I would become the second youngest member of the council,” joked Ward 2 Councilman Jeremy Rix, who attended and graduated Roger Williams Law School with Sinapi, during a congratulatory message.

Ward 5 Councilman Ed Ladouceur tagged onto the joke with his own perspective.

“I would also like to congratulate Anthony on his win, that's pretty exciting,” he said. “And on another note…what I find depressing is I just found out I will be the oldest member on the city council. Thank you Councilman Gallucci.”

Gallucci extended a hand to Sinapi to provide any guidance he could prior to his first term beginning, saying, “I've offered any assistance or anything I can do to assist Anthony in this new venture.”

Sinapi was touched by the showing of support from his new colleagues.

“It was [nice], and unexpected,” he said after the meeting concluded. “I didn't expect to be up here either, as you could maybe tell from the attire. I came from my kid’s open house and then came here thinking I'd be watching, as normal.”

Sinapi secured a victory in a race for Ward 8 that could be considered as much of an upset as any local city council race could be. Going up against Bethany Furtado, who earned the endorsement of the Rhode Island Democratic Party and has an established political pedigree, Sinapi managed to secure over 54 percent of the vote. He credits his widespread canvassing and consistent attendance of municipal meetings as what made the difference.

Sinapi had the support of the Warwick Teachers Union.

“It helped I've been going to meetings for both city council and school committee for years so my face wasn't unfamiliar, at least to people who go,” he said. “I'm on some of the committees, I help run charities in the state, none of the issues are new to me. The only thing that will be new is I have a better opportunity to do something about it.”

Sinapi mentioned securing a home rule charter to better delineate responsibilities between the schools and the city as a major issue, along with sewers, roads and taxes. He also mentioned quality of life issues, such as a particularly dangerous intersection outside of Greenwich Village apartments that he wants to see addressed.

“But there's a lot more than just that, and sooner rather than later I can do something, hopefully,” he said.

Sinapi has no opponent come November, as no Republican or independent declared in Ward 8. He will officially assume his new position in January of next year. He said he was itching to get started and providing a voice for people within his neighborhoods.

“I'm not only ready, I'm eager,” he said. “I got a lot of people from going door-to-door who need some stuff done, and I want to get it done.”


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Congratulations Newest Councliman Anthony Sinapi.

Your hard work and long hours in the primary campaign paid off. With the support of the Warwick Teachers Union, you are the logical connection to bring the School Committee and the City Council closer together. I have admired your leadership as President of the Warwick Lions. I'm sure you will be a great City Councilperson.

Happy September everyone.

Thursday, September 20

Mr. Sinapi, pay no mind to the two-time election loser who spent months making pandering comments to the WTU, only to have the union support Joe Solomon in the primary.

The $200 you received from the union is $200 more than the two-time loser did, despite his repeated use of this website for political advertising.

Honest, taxpaying voters are having a happy September knowing that they were 100% justified in rejecting his candidacy.

Thursday, September 20

Dear CrickeeRaven,

How in the world did you get that disgusting mis-interpretation from "Congratulations Newest Councilman Anthony Sinapi". Please re-read my comment. And, by the way, I never asked the Warwick Teachers Union (or ANY other union for that matter) for a dime.

Can't you say one thing that's positive? Or are you THAT negative?

You pathetic anonymous coward of a critic.

Happy September everyone.

Thursday, September 20

Thursday, September 20

"Please re-read my comment."

Here is the relevant portion: "With the support of the Warwick Teachers Union..."

There is no reason to mention the union specifically (their $200 was among tens of thousands of dollars that Mr. Sinapi raised) except for the two-time loser's continued attempt to pander to the union.

"Your hard work and long hours in the primary campaign paid off."

By contrast, the two-time loser's $1,770 and use of this website for free political advertising did not.

Mr. Sinapi is now an election winner and true leader in Warwick, and the two-time loser's pathetic attempts to draw attention to himself only prove that honest, taxpaying voters were 100% justified in overwhelmingly rejecting his candidacy again on Sept. 12.

Thursday, September 20


I have to take exception to you calling Mr Sinapi a true leader when as of this date he has not done anything, he has not articulated any plan, and has only shown that he has prevailed and the absence of an opponent in the general election. I firmly believe that only time will tell.

Thursday, September 20

Thanks, Thecaptain. I should have written "elected leader."

Thursday, September 20

Fair enough.

Thursday, September 20
Warwick Man


Where’s the FD audit? I’m assuming if laws were being broken people are going to jail, feds are coming in it would have happened by now. Since I know the answer I’m just waiting for you to start blaming the new mayor and council for there literally being nothing found. Except that you and Kenny have manure for brains. Tic toc...

Thursday, September 20

Dear Warwick man,

Since you know the answer, I assume that you know that the city is trying to block the release of the WFD unused sick time evaluation by the third party fraud examiner. I assume that you understand that the city sent out a non disclosure agreement to the fraud examiner indicating that any information that they receive cannot be shared with the public. Just guessing, but I'm sure you know that this is true correct?

Friday, September 21
Warwick Man

Yes, the city got word from third party fraud investigation company that nothing was done wrong. City is not sure how to explain that they followed the advice of two idiots that have no clue what they are looking at. As we’ve stated many times. NOTHING WAS DONE THAT IS ILLEAGAL. And again Change if Shifts cost the taxpayer ZERO.... I understand you have “official” city documents. My point is you have zero clue how to interpret them. I can request all the specs for a spaceship from NASA, doesn’t mean I will know how to build it.

Friday, September 21


Once again you are wrong. Final report has yet to be delivered. Here is the NDA.


This Agreement made and entered this 27th day of July, 2018, by and between YKSM, LTD, a Rhode Island business corporation with a principal office address of 27 Dryden Lane, Providence, RI 02904 ("YKSM") and the City of Warwick, a Rhode Island municipal corporation, with a principal office address of327 5 Post Road, Warwick, RI 02886 (''WARWICK”).


Whereas YKSM and WARWICK wish to exchange and evaluate certain information which contains confidential and personal data which is protected from disclosure by law and contract relating to an examination of sick leave in the Warwick Fire Department (the ''Evaluation"). Whereas each party may disclose information necessary for the Evaluation to the other party on the condition that the Receiving Party shall hold such information in strict confidence and use such information only for the purposes of the Evaluation. YKSM, by executing this agreement, specifically acknowledges and agrees that certain of the information provided by WARWICK to YKSM is of a personal and confidential nature specifically protected by law and contract from unauthorized disclosure and/or release. Further, YKSM acknowledges and agrees that should an unauthorized disclosure and/or release of the said confidential or personal information provided to YKSM occurs, YKSM shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless WARWICK from any and all liability resulting from or as a consequence of said unauthorized release.


1. Definitions

"Evaluation" shall have the meaning indicated above.

"Information" means as to WARWICK, WARWICK'S information, in any form, relating to the application, accrual, use, calculation and/or any other categorization of sick time in or by the Warwick Fire Department. Information shall not include any information in the public domain, information known to the Receiving Party prior to disclosure hereunder and information disclosed to the Receiving Party by a third party which is not breaching an obligation of confidentiality and privacy by making such disclosure.

"Disclosing Party" shall be the party which discloses its Information under this Agreement, and "Receiving Party" shall be the party, including said party's attorneys, financial advisors, agents and representatives, which receive the other party's Information under this Agreement.

2. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

YKSM shall hold in strictest confidence all information obtained from WARWICK and shall not use WARWICK'S Information for any purpose other than the Evaluation. YKSM shall not disclose or release any of WARWICK'S Information to any third party without the express written consent of WARWICK. YKSM shall make no more copies of WARWICK'S information than are reasonably necessary to perform the Evaluation. In addition, YKSM shall use contemporary reasonable precautions to limit access to WARWICK'S information to only those of its employees who reasonably require such Information in connection with the Evaluation. YKSM shall be responsible for compliance and liable for non-compliance by its employees and agents with the obligations under this Agreement. WARWICK'S Information shall be returned by YKSM to WARWICK upon completion of the need to review the data or shall notify WARWICK that WARWICK'S Information was destroyed. Any destruction of WARWICK'S information by YKSM shall be confirmed to WARWICK in writing.

Notwithstanding the preceding, YKSM will be permitted to keep one archival copy of all work products and supporting documents in accordance with applicable professional standards for certified public accountants. YKSM shall not, except for disclosures permitted hereunder or those required by law or regulation, reveal WARWICK'S information. The Parties agree not to issue any publicity or press statements relating to the Evaluation. In the event a request or demand for disclosure of WARWICK'S information is made to YKSM and to which YKSM is legally compelled to disclose WARWICK'S Information, YKSM shall provide WARWICK notice of such demand or request no later than five (5) days after receipt and before any WARWICK information is disclosed to a third party. To ensure compliance with the provisions of this Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement, YKSM shall meet with the Warwick Personnel Director to review the Evaluation only as it relates to whether the information contained in the Evaluation complies with the relevant provisions of this agreement as it relates to confidential information not subject to disclosure. The Personnel Director shall work with YKSM to effect any proposed redactions and/or deletions of Information contained in the Evaluation, which in the opinion of the Personnel Director violate any terms or provisions of this agreement. If YKSM accepts the recommendations· offered by the Personnel Director and revisions to Evaluation according to those comments, YKSM will be deemed to have fully complied with the terms regarding non-disclosure as it relates to the Information contained in the Evaluation. YKSM shall remain obligated to retain and protect all other Information in their possession from unauthorized disclosure pursuant to the provisions of this agreement.

3. Disclaimer

WARWICK makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of WARWICK'S Information. WARWICK shall not be liable to YKSM if any of WARWICK'S information is inaccurate.

4. Term

The term of this agreement shall apply in perpetuity and YKSM'S obligations of confidentiality and non-disclosure extend and remain in full force and effect in perpetuity.

5. Injunction

YKSM agrees and acknowledges the Information received from WARWICK is confidential, private, and subject to confidentiality and non-disclosure by law and contract, a breach of which will injure WARWICK irreparably and, therefore, WARWICK shall have the right, in addition to all other remedies available at law or equity, to seek injunctive relief, including costs, expenses and attorneys fees.

6. No Rights to WAR WICK'S Information

No right or license under any trademark, service mark, trade name, trade secret or other intellectual property that WARWICK may now or hereafter own or control will be deemed granted by the disclosure of WARWICK'S Information to YKSM.

7. Non-Assignment

The rights and obligations under this Agreement may not be assigned or delegated.

8. Governing Law

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Rhode Island, regardless of any laws that might otherwise govern under applicable principles of conflicts of Jaws thereof.

Friday, September 21
Warwick Man

We will see.. tic toc, tic toc....

Friday, September 21
Warwick Man

Why would city not want it released? Surly if there was blantant and illegal abuse they would want that out in the public. Especially while negotiating a contract...

Friday, September 21

Use your head, (whatever is left)

Why wouldn't they release it? If my allegations were not accurate, they would release it in a minute to try to discredit me. Thats why it is being hushed up. They cant discredit the information as it is simple math. You know it, I know it , and so does everyone else.

Friday, September 21
Warwick Man

Captain, did I call this from the beginning or what... you scream fraud, fraud, fraud, bring in the feds, demand an independent investigation. And the second you don’t get the result you like you claim the city now is out to get you. You are 100% full of crap my friend. Go back to doing something useful like filming us. Atleast we know your good at it.

Friday, September 21

Are you delusional? There are no results because the city has blocked the payroll records from the examiner. Why would the city do that and obstruct an investigation if there wasn't something to hide? Furthermore, why would I even attempt to discuss an issue like this with one of the beneficiaries of the fraud.

Friday, September 21


Let's see if you and your 5th grade math skills can figure this out.

Now let me further breakdown the unused sick pay scheme in terms of percentages and contract language so that it is very simple to understand.

In 2015, in the first half of the year, men were allowed to cash in 50% of unused sick pay. In the last half of the year and up to present, men could cash in 75% percent of the unused sick pay. That means that in 2015 the total amount of unused sick pay that could be paid was 62.5 %. In 2016 to present, the total amount that could be paid was 75 %. Please see contract language below and understand how the WFD has been knowingly and willfully involved in an organized effort to defraud the taxpayers by manipulation of the numbers and percentages. A few examples below.

July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2015

SECTION 6. PAYMENT FOR UNUSED SICK LEAVE AFTER MAXIMUM ACCUMULATION In any case where an employee has accumulated his or her or her maximum sick leave entitlement under Section 1 hereof, he or she shall, at the end of each year, be entitled to be paid for one-half (½) of his or her unused, yearly sick leave entitlement, not to exceed ten (10) days.

July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2018

SECTION 6. PAYMENT FOR UNUSED SICK LEAVE AFTER MAXIMUM ACCUMULATION In any case where an employee has accumulated his or her or her maximum sick leave entitlement under Section 1 hereof, he or she shall, at the end of each year, be entitled to be paid for three-fourths (3/4) of his or her unused, yearly sick leave entitlement, prorated on a monthly basis, not to exceed fifteen (15) days.

Example - Marcel Fontenault was overpaid the following:

2015 took 5 sick days, paid the max 12.48 days, overpaid 3.10 days = $978.51 should have been paid for 62.5% but paid for 78%

2016 took 5 sick days, paid the max 15 days, overpaid 3.60 days = $1348.08 should have been paid for 75% but paid for 93%

2017 took 24 sick days, paid for 3.75 days, overpaid 7.75 days = $2966.86 should have been paid for 75% but paid for 113.75%

Total over payment----------------------------------------------------------------------------$5293.45

Example - Jonathan Faucher was overpaid the following:

2015 took 6 sick days, paid for 11.65 days, overpaid 2.90 days = $997.51 should have been paid for 62.5% but paid for 77%

2016 took 5 sick days, paid the max 15 days, overpaid 3.75 days = $1403.91 should have been paid for 75% but paid for 93.75%

2017 took 5.66 sick days, paid for 14.97 days, overpaid 4.22 days - $1615.52 should have been paid for 75% but paid for 96.1%

Total over payment -------------------------------------------------------------- $4016.94

Example - Steven Magnan was overpaid the following:

2015 took 7 sick days, paid for 11.65 days, overpaid 3.52 days = $1007.44 should have been paid for 62.5% but paid for 80.1%

2016 took 6 sick days, paid for 13.51 days, overpaid 3.01 days = $936.84 should have been paid for 75% but paid for 90.05%

2017 took 29 sick days, paid for 7.60 days, overpaid 7.60 days = $2423.17 should have been paid for 75% but paid for 113%

Total over payment -------------------------------------------------------------- $4367.45

Example - Vincent Campagna was overpaid the following:

2015 took 6 sick days, paid the max 12.48 days, overpaid 3.73 days = $1057.24 should have been paid for 62.5% but paid for 81.15%

2016 took 5 sick days, paid the max of 15 days, overpaid 3.75 days = $1168.12 should have been paid for 75% but paid for 93.75%

2017 took 4 sick days, paid the max of 15 days, overpaid 3.00 days = $965.13 should have been paid for 75% but paid for 90%

Total over payment -------------------------------------------------------------- $3190.49

Example - Thomas Sinotte was overpaid the following:

2015 took 7 sick days, paid the max of 12.48 days, overpaid 4.35 days = $1481.82 should have been paid for 62.5% but paid for 84.25%

2016 took 5 sick days, paid for 14.54 days days, overpaid 3.29 days = $1403.46 should have been paid for 75% but paid for 91.45%

2017 took 4 sick days, paid the max of 15 days, overpaid 3.00 days = $1321.19 should have been paid for 75% but paid for 90%

Total over payment -------------------------------------------------------------- $4206.47


Gentlemen, since the formula to calculate the unused sick time is basic 5th grade math, how is that we have this problem? Where was the oversight for the past numerous years, and what are the requirements in Warwick to oversee the book keeping of a 22 million dollar a year department? If anyone doesn't believe that this "error" is a coordinated effort, than you are blind and without logic. Do the simple math.

Friday, September 21
Warwick Man

You literally lost your mind. You think that the city (a council that hates the FD, and Mayor that hate the FD) is helping this group hide fraud during a time where such fraud would dramatically help said city in contract negations because they are worried that you might be proved correct? Holy smokes your brain is totally gone...

Friday, September 21

Just like I figured, you cant do 5th grade math.

Friday, September 21