Sischo to compete in Ultra Beast World Championship


When Heather Sishco participated in her third Spartan Ultra Beast last month, her goal was simply to do the best she could have fun on the 31-mile course that included 70 obstacles.

However, Sishco would have one of her best athletic performances ever and qualify for the Ultra Beast World Championship in Iceland this December.

“I like traveling and I’m always up for a bigger challenge so I feel like this will be a nice big challenge and I’m totally game for it. I can’t wait to do it,” said Sischo.

Sischo currently owns and runs Fitness Adventure on Warwick Avenue. Athletics and fitness have always been a big part of her life, as she has competed in various sports and events in the past.

“I’ve always been a competitor in general. I’m not a competitor with others, I’m competitive with myself,” said Sischo. “I’ve always been into something, I boxed for 10 years and got sick of getting punched so I got away from that. That was also a single sport but I like helping people. People could go and watch me box but they couldn’t go box themselves.”

Sischo’s love for competing alongside friends and helping others reach their peak performance also inspires her when running her business and helped lead to her interest in obstacle course training.

“I’ve always done races, half marathons, 5K’s back in the day and once I got out of boxing I started doing obstacle course training and when I started doing it more and more I started to bring my gym and my team with me. People now travel everywhere with me. We started it in 2009 so we’ve had a good run with it,” said Sischo.

Sischo anticipates a big challenge when heading up to Iceland. However, she is always excited to push herself and looks forward to the opportunity to push herself to the limit.

“Iceland will be the biggest event that I’ve done. I just started doing the Ultra Beast last year. I would usually do 15 miles on a mountain or 17 miles on a mountain. Mount Killington in Vermont was my biggest one and when I got back I was like ‘What’s next? I need something bigger.’ I thought I wouldn’t like the Ultras, I thought my body was going to die on the course but I ended up loving them and I think Iceland is going to be a great challenge,” said Sischo.

More than anything, Sischo hopes to do her best and represent her friends and family well, as they have been alongside her from the beginning.

“I’m not going out there to place, I’m not going out there to win anything, I’m going out there for the experience,” said Sischo. “It’s an odd feeling, I don’t really feel proud of myself because I feel like this is what I’m supposed to do. It feels good having people look up to me and to help them achieve their goals … I kind of feel like I do it for them. I enjoy it and I have a good backing.”


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