Spoken word



People teach acceptance

People say we, as kids, need to love

People even have the nerve to say they understand

But what do they really know

Because they are not us,

The ones being bullied for their looks

The ones being bullied for no other reason because they are kind

The ones who get beaten up in the playground because they spoke up against the pain

They don’t know

And when we tell people what’s really happening,

They just push it off and say it’s life

But they don’t know.


There’s a few words in this world that confuse us

Like acceptance, and diversity,

But these two words are taught in schools and are in everything we do,

The ironic part is that the people teaching these lessons,

The people who claim they understand

Don’t know what they are teaching,

They stand up and explain the things that we all know but don’t understand.

And once they finish speaking and everybody leaves,

It goes back to the way it was, never changing.


There’s always that one kid in class

The one that is not afraid

Not afraid to speak their mind

But they are also the kid

The kid who is most self-conscious

They are the ones who are just trying to be accepted

Trying to be accepted by telling the jokes, making fun of people, or cussing people off

All to be accepted, all for that one laugh

But unknowingly, they hurt people, they can’t be accepting

They can’t because they don’t know they are hurtful

That’s why there’s no change,

That’s why there’s no acceptance.


It’s not that we don’t listen

It’s not even us not caring

What it is though,

The real reason why there is no change,

Is because we can’t accept ourselves,

Because in order to accept others, we need to accept ourselves.


Our parents tell us as kids to be kind

We are raised to accept but we can’t

Our parents are mad,

Mad at our generation for being the age of bullies,

They can’t understand why people can’t be nice and accept others,

They tell us about when they were kids this happened and it’s life

But at the same time, if you say you are being bullied

If you say you are the one being tormented and hurt,

They get up in arms and get mad, they bring it to the principal, only to make it worse,

They can’t understand that that day the bully was bullied by his or her parents,

And they can’t understand the bully’s feelings,

The reason why the bully is mean is because they can’t accept themselves.


Our generation is not mean,

Our generation is just confused,

In order to be accepting of others, we need to accept ourselves.

Tyler is a sophomore at Rocky Hill School. He wrote this poem on the bus on his way to school.


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