Support Wounded Warriors Project by joining ADVANCE GUARD


To the Editor:

My primary reason for this letter is to support the Wounded Warrior Project called ADVANCE GUARD, but yesterday I was on the treatment end of the Warwick Fire Department Rescue team. You can’t fix stupid.

I accidentally mixed a couple of pain pills and had a very bad reaction. Thanks to the techs that took care of me. You can’t say enough for the care, treatment, and professionalism of a bad scene. Also, thanks to my friends, Nancy, Eddie and Bobby “Squats” and making sure I got home safely. Very sorry for the commotion at their home.

There have been 47,000 Wounded Warriors since 2001. The energy, newsprint, armchair talk, everything connected to the work place, election candidates, the crap going on in Florida. If one-forth of that time and space would be used to illustrate the plight of these “great Americans,” our real true heroes… We can’t do enough!

Everyone can help by joining the Wounded Warriors Project ADVANCE GUARD. Sign up at, or call 904-296-7350. You’ll receive a 4x6 black fleece blanket when you join, and I would love to see them hung outside as a sign of solidarity (complete unity). We pray for Mike the mailman’s son who is in harm’s way.

Roger L. Keefe


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