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There is no doubt about it, the world has changed. Now, more than ever, we must be especially vigilant in protecting our families, our possessions and our properties. Sadly, there are those who commit such brazen crimes as home invasions, theft, vandalism (or worse) who are not easily deterred anymore by locks on doors, watch dogs or even alarm systems. If you are a home or business owner and are concerned that you might be the victim of such a violation, then Surveillance Solutions, LLC has just the "solution" you need.

Surveillance Solutions, LLC, is a locally owned and operated surveillance company based right in Scituate. As an authorized dealer of LOREX® surveillance systems, owner Raymond Roy installs highly sophisticated camera systems around your property which monitor your home, place of business, parking lot, storage garage ~ around the clock.

Right from the start, a member of the highly qualified staff at Surveillance Solutions meets with you to assess where and how their systems can best address your security concerns. From this initial assessment comes the customization of your surveillance system. Small, high-tech cameras are then strategically installed around the property ~ whether inside or out ~ to target the desired areas. There is literally no place that can't be reached!

From this time forward, the home or business owner can monitor his property from any remote device - an iPad, iPhone, blackberry, PC/Mac, android, even a television. If there is any activity on your property, an email alert is immediately sent to you. Some of Surveillance Solutions' systems also capture sound, so conversations can be recorded as well.

One of the added benefits of installing a surveillance system in your home or business is that it reduces insurance costs and mitigates liability risks. If any impropriety ever occurs on your property, the cameras' record of what happened provides irrefutable information for insurance collectors. In addition, unlike its more high-profile competitors, Surveillance Solutions does NOT charge monthly monitoring fees. There is a one time fee, with no hidden costs.

Along with surveillance systems, Surveillance Solutions provides a broad range of other services, to include:

• Installation of emergency phones (a hard-wired phone that is known only to a property owner and which is programmed for emergency assistance)

• Tree trimming and removal

• Power washing

• Outdoor lighting

Whether you are a small business owner or a home owner who wants the confidence that such a security system provides, contact Surveillance Solutions today. The team here will work with you to assess your needs, then find and install a system that accommodates your budget and lifestyle - and gives you a peace of mind that knows no price.

Surveillance Solutions, LLC can be reached at 823-7000. For more information, visit their website at Credit cards are accepted.


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