Thanks and happy retirement to Stephen Kirby


To the Editor:

Mr. Stephen Kirby came out of retirement to Cedar Hill Elementary a few months into the school year in the midst of some administrative turmoil. There was confusion, resentment and frustration at all levels within the school and with the collective parent group. Walking in and taking over as acting principal was no small challenge to take on.

Well, several months and two grade-level graduations later (grades 5 and 6), I’m writing this letter to recognize and thank Mr. Kirby for a job very well done.

As a parent of two children in Cedar Hill, it’s obvious that Mr. Kirby cares about the school, its children and parents, and its teachers. He came in and provided an immediate sense of calmness and stability. He swiftly handled several situations that could have escalated with poise, and has made it a practice to treat everyone with respect and dignity. The students took a liking to him right away, with his sense of humor and down-to-earth approach. They respect his authority and the way he tempers his sternness with respect for them.

If Mr. Kirby hadn’t already retired once before, there would be a lot of parents taking up a petition to convince him to stay within the Warwick School System. He has been a tremendous asset to the City during his career and I wish him a very happy and healthy retirement (this time for good). Thank you Mr. Kirby for making this a great and memorable year for all of us at Cedar Hill.

Corey M. Smith

Candidate for Warwick School Committee


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I taught with Mr. Kirby in East Providence, and was deeply disappointed that he was never hired as a principal there, for he would have been a tremendous asset to the system. Fortunately for Warwick, you recognized an extremely gifted educator who loved children and was always respectful and gracious to the adults he worked with. I wasn't surprised to hear he was back at work because he was needed. His devotion to those students will never end-I hope his replacement can fill those very big shoes..Best of everything in a well deserved retirement, Steve.

Friday, June 22, 2018

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Kirby on numerous occasions throughout the year. His professionalism and integrity were evident from the outset. Mr. Kirby entered Cedar Hill at a time when parent confidence in the school, as well as the district, was at an all-time low. In a short period of time he was able to repair much of the damage done in the recent past. His ability to quickly right the ship turned what could have been a long and difficult year into a year that was productive and positive for the parents and the students. My wife and I are grateful that Warwick had such a gifted professional to turn to during this crucial moment. Mr. Kirby made a significant impact on the school, the community and our family. My wife and I wish him all the best on his second, well deserved, retirement.

Friday, June 22, 2018