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(Worst movie of the year)

My candidate for worst movie of the year and worst performance by an actor.

Adam Sandler has sunk to a new low, playing Donny Berger, an obnoxious, filthy-mouthed, lecherous drunken jerk in this R-rated piece of garbage.

The movie starts with teenager Donny getting his lecherous teacher pregnant. She goes to jail for 30 years. He raises their son, naming the fat kid Han Solo Berger. When Han reaches age 18, he splits from his disgusting father, whose parental skills were gross and inane.

Han Solo (Andy Samberg) is now a successful investment banker who has changed his name, lost weight and turned into a big wimp about to take on a rich, controlling and (we learn later) deceitful wife.

Donny shows up for the wedding, grossing out family, friends and the movie audience with his slothful behavior. Sandler sets a new record for use of the F word in every sentence and the ability to always have a beer can in his hand.

The attempt at humor consists of bodily functions of all types, blows to the groin, prurient sexual activities, drugs, alcohol and a disgusting plot twist involving incest. I don't know how much lower the movies can go.

If this junk doesn't ruin Sandler's career, there is no justice in the film industry. The really sad news is that Susan Sarandon agreed to play Han’s mother and James Caan agreed to play a priest.

Tony Orlando tries to rekindle his career by playing Donny's boss, who also has a secret life. And then there's Vanilla Ice who attempts to act.

The movie is rated R and should be rated RRRRR. Joyce had the good sense of skipping this one...and any movie Sandler is involved with.


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