'The Chance To Relate'


Years have passed and I’m still standing here with my hand extended

I thought by now that this would have ended Although not everything has stayed the same

The corner has become crowded with new faces and new names The world doesn’t care who you are

It’s not impressed by a gold watch or a fancy car It doesn’t care about the size of your home

Or if you’ve been to Greece or Rome It will take your job and force you out on the streets

It will make you wonder where you’ll sleep or how you’ll eat I imagine It must be hard to occupy this place you once ignored

To stand with me when your pride is hurt and your legs and feet are sore It will make you wish for better days

When you didn’t rely on others when you earned your pay I’ve seen you before with your head down quickened gate

You said “No time to talk, no change, I’m running late” Wishing I wouldn’t speak to you wishing I would go away

Now you stand here next to me with your hand extended every day I take no joy in the fact that you’ve landed on hard times

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes that is why I write these rhymes You may be surprised to know that I’ll pray for you at the end of the day

Before my head hits the cardboard and I dream of a place far away I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again No one deserves this fate

Life has unfortunately given you the chance to relate

Douglas James



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