The evil among us


To the Editor:

Once again, we have witnessed a horror most of us never believed possible. Young, innocent children being murdered by someone not fit to be breathing the same air as them. A monster so demented and twisted that he did not have the courage to simply destroy himself but he had to take others with him. So vile a crime as to make even the most liberal handwringers in our society admit that his life was not worth his being spared the ultimate justice that our nation can instill.

And once again, we hear many of our countrymen asking, “Why?” I believe theanswer to that question is because a demented little maniac was able to gain access to a weapon and chose to destroy as many innocent lives as he possibly could. I don’t care if he was sad or unhappy or not loved. I don’t care if he was having problems with his mommy and his daddy. I don’t want to hear any excuses for his behavior. He was insane – that was the reason. He was evil, that was the reason, and he was allowed to walk among us like so many like him are able to do.

In China, another mad man entered a school of little children and decided to stab as many of them as he could. What was his excuse? Was he unemployed, underemployed or was he just insane? Out West, a maniac opened fire in a shopping mall. He shot into the sky and at the ground. Does this lunatic not realize that what goes up will eventually come down? Those bullets fired into the air will be heading back down and may hurt others or kill innocent people, and if we are extremely fortunate, one may end his evil life. What kind of a society have we created here and why? Why do we allow our children to be placed in positions whereby these animals, and they are animals, are allowed to butcher them while we stand by and wring our hands and ask why?

I believe the real question is not why they do these horrible things but why we, as a society, have become as pathetic and feeble as to allow them to? Today, if someone mentions the word “strength,” even strength of character, they are condemned by the more gentile and fragile in our society. That’s because it is very easy to judge from afar. How many of you would have thrown yourself in front of this mad dog in order to save an innocent life? Perhaps that is also the question that should be asked. I would be very afraid to hear many of the answers.

John Cervone
North Providence


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