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The Grey


(Tense, violent downer of a survival movie)

"The Grey" will hold your interest for two hours, but it will also leave you a bit depressed. The movie opens with a horrific plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness, made even more horrifying as we witness the crash from inside the aircraft.

The seven survivors, the dregs of society, slowly collect themselves and try to figure how they can survive the elements ... and the packs of howling wolves that want to eliminate the humans that have invaded their territory.

Liam Neeson plays Ottway, the despondent, suicidal wolf-killer who assumes leadership of the macho survivors. They remove some fuel and supplies from scattered wreckage and head out to get away from the wolves’ turf, only to encounter more of them along the way. The rugged landscape is also their enemy as they fight to survive both the elements and the wolves.

Around the campfire at night, when they are not arguing and fighting, the conversation occasionally turns to things philosophical. Is there a God? If so, why would He do this to them?

Like many survival movies, the numbers decrease as men are picked off one at a time.

The wolves are depicted as larger-than-life creatures, and at times seemed a bit too larger than life. We won't tell you how many survive, but we will tell you that there are a number of gory deaths along the way.

If you want some excitement, you will find it in "The Grey." If you want a little uplifting, you won't find it here.

Rated a big R, with lots of violence and profanity.


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