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The Last Stand


(Mindless action movie)

If you want to escape reality for an hour and 45 minutes, this mindless action movie will do the trick. The dialogue is as corny as the endless cornfield that plays into the conclusion of a long chase scene, with Ray Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger), sheriff of a small Arizona border town, trying to stop Gabriel Cortez, the head of a big drug cartel (Eduardo Noriega) escaping back to Mexico.

The movie opens with the drug czar escaping from a prison transfer in an original, if unbelievable, way. The FBI team, led by Forest Whitaker, begins its relentless but unsuccessful pursuit, which includes dozens of good guys and bad guys being killed.

Cortez has more henchmen than there are residents of Sommerton, Arizona. Most of them are off to watch the high school football team play in another town, leaving Sheriff Owens left behind to enjoy a quiet day off.

The chase leads directly to Sommerton, where the sheriff and a motley crew of deputies figure out how to stop Cortez from crossing the border. In the most unbelievable premise of this unbelievable movie, Cortez's crew has secretly built a bridge across a canyon. Only the sheriff stands in his way.

Arnold's acting is as bad as ever, and he has the corny dialogue to go along with it. And that's half the fun of this bad movie that is so bad it is funny and fun to watch. Much is made of his age, but that doesn't stop him from carrying out his heroic acts. Take this one with tongue firmly planted in cheek and you'll have a few laughs.

Rated R, with violence and profanity.


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