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The Sitter


(Vulgar tale with phony messages)

Jonah Hill again shows his vulgar side in a story about a loser who baby-sits for three obnoxious kids, taking them on an evening adventure they will never forget.

Before the credits finish rolling, we are "treated" to a sex scene, one of many that give the movie an R rating. Add to that a series of bathroom jokes, and you've got a movie aimed at teenagers and young adults who unfortunately rush to see this garbage.

Noah (Hill) borrows the parents' SUV, grabs the kids and takes off to buy drugs for his girlfriend (an equally obnoxious Ari Graynor). They head into a seedy part of town, where they meet up with a gay bodybuilder (Sam Rockwell). One of the kids steals an "egg" filled with cocaine, which is destroyed. The dealer wants $10,000 by midnight, leading Noah to quickly develop outlandish schemes to get the money. He steals envelopes from a kid's bar mitzvah and diamonds from his estranged father's store while the bad guys are chasing him.

After you tire of Noah and the three kids behaving badly, it is time for this awful movie to show some redeeming social value. The kids learn that Noah has a heart. He provides them with actions and words that show that he has had a rough childhood, but has overcome obstacles to become the man he is today (which isn't very much). The kids see the evil of their ways. Noah straightens their parents out, finds his true love, and they all live happily ever after. You've got to be kidding me!

Yes, it's a big R.


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