The Spot Barber Lounge An “old-school” barbershop with a modern vibe


When Jared Rodrigues and Bobby Lima put their heads together, they create magic. Over a year ago, when an opportunity arose to open their own barbershop, these two friends and fellow barbers seized the moment and took a leap of faith. As talented, hard-working young barbers who shared a passion for cutting hair, they saw this as a chance to bring their years of experience and passion to not only their regular clients but to a whole new audience.

Jared and Bobby took an abandoned space on Warwick Avenue and spent 24-hour days ~ and plenty of their own sweat equity ~ to turn it into a modern, edgy yet classic barbershop which they have named The Spot Barber Lounge. Their signature marks are seen in literally every detail of this spotless shop, from the bold and masculine color choices to the red leather swivel chairs to the fully-equipped, individual styling stations. The shop shines from floor to ceiling.

The Spot Barber Lounge is a contemporary barbershop which embraces old-school values and provides old-school services. Jared and Bobby take great pride in the quality of their work, but also in the binding relationships they have built with their customers. Though young at ages 26 (Jared) and 29 (Bobby), they know that their faith, their work ethics and the support of their families are what will keep them going strong, long after the trends of the day have come and gone.

Customers of all ages and styles are welcome at The Spot. Jared and Bobby will give you a first-rate experience with their keen eye for detail, their steady razor skills, their knowledge of the latest trends and their natural senses of style. Their customers leave looking crisp and ready to take on the world, whether they are there for a cut, a hot-towel shave, a line-up or a beard enhancement.

When creating their concept for The Spot, Jared and Bobby made intentional plans. They wanted the shop to be family-friendly ~ a place where a mom would be as comfortable waiting for her son to get his hair cut as a businessman would be while getting his beard cleaned up. There are two 50” HD televisions in the room, one which always has a sports channel on for these two sports enthusiasts. There is even a corner of the shop where clients can get their hair cut while playing a game of Fortnite®!

Hanging over the station of Bobby Lima is a bold-lettered banner which bears the name of his late-grandfather’s favorite soccer team. The banner serves as a daily reminder that hard work pays off, and that two diligent Portuguese men can go far in the world when they put their minds to it.

Come to The Spot Barber Lounge at 1926 Warwick Avenue. Make your appointment today by calling 401-739-SPOT (7768) or by using their App (search “The Spot” on Booksy). Walk-ins welcome. Open Tuesday – Saturday.


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