Trillo needs to think for longer than 10 minutes


To the Editor:

OK, now let me understand this. Representative Joe Trillo chose the 10th day after the 10th Anniversary of the Station Nightclub fire to announce that fire inspections in Rhode Island should only be done every 10 years. What’s wrong with this picture? It is difficult to believe that Rep. Trillo thought about this for even 10 minutes.

If this is such a good idea, then maybe we should apply it to other state safety measures. How about car and bridge inspections or health inspections of nursing homes, restaurants, delis or the meat and vegetable department of super markets all being done every 10 years whether they need it or not? For that matter, why not make the term for R.I. Representatives 10 years? That way we could be assured of getting at least 10 years of silly suggestions.

Hold on, maybe this could work. When you really think about it, if the West Warwick Fire Marshal was only allowed to inspect the Station Nightclub every 10 years, he wouldn’t have been able to “inspect” that death trap three times in three months, ignoring the sound foam and illegally raising the capacity with each visit.

Let me make it very clear. I agree that the Draconian over-reaching fire laws passed after the Station Fire missed the mark and should be re-examined and revisited. However, to offer a blanket “let’s give them 10 years to run amuck” legislation is not the answer. 

Dave Kane



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