Unworthy 'political attacks'


To the Editor:

Gentlemen, it is my belief that the Warwick Beacon is one of the best papers of its kind in New England and that publisher John Howell Jr. is a Warwick hero. I have lauded associate editor Ethan Hartley for his writing ability, especially concerning the Warwick School Department and its School Committee. That was until his front-page story, “Veterans line up in stand against Trump (Beacon 8/29/19).” There were only three of them!

To my knowledge, this has to be one of the most vicious, unsubstantiated and hateful articles to appear in the Beacon, courtesy of Mr. Hartley. These three military service veterans have every right to say whatever they want against our President of the United States, Donald Trump. But to have their self-serving, unrelenting personal outbursts on the front and inside pages is beyond the pale.

Ethan, I am a proud Korean War veteran, a proud Republican Conservative and proud to have voted with over 17,000 others in Warwick for President Trump in 2016. For what he has done to date for the 1,500,000 members of the United States Armed Forces, since his election, has been extraordinary. They deserve no less. Their vote will go to him in 2020. I hope the three quoted veterans in the article, together with our four representatives in Washington, will go through with their pathetic attempts to impeach President Donald Trump. In my opinion, this will ensure his re-election.

The new, extremely long three-column and discouraging article (Beacon 9/3/19) by PeaceVoice Professor Wittner from Albany has now appeared. It is another lengthy diatribe against our president. Why and for what possible purpose are we now being fed these political attacks in our wonderful Beacon?

Perhaps I shouldn’t care, but as an almost 50-year subscriber, I do.

Eugene Nadeau



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amen, we needs to have our servicedmen in no name countries fighting for big oil interests in a never ending war on terrorism. more need to die and trillions more need to be spent to save the man

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


I have a debt of gratitude for all the men and women that served and currently serve in our armed forces. They have made a choice to fight on our behalf and protect our freedom. However, that freedom is not contingent on all being of the same mindset. We are afforded the privilege to have freedom of speech and freedom of the press. In your letter, it appears as if you are condemning others from exercising those freedoms based solely on the fact that you don’t agree with their opinion.

You are entitled to your opinion about Trump. I am certain that you are well aware that you cannot speak for ALL service men or ALL citizens, so to think that it is an outrage to have a dissenting viewpoint in the Beacon is VERY UnAmericana of you. If the Beacon is truly “ours” then that means everyone should have the opportunity to express their opinion. Not just those that fall in line with your ideology.

There are many things I see, hear, read daily that I don’t agree with. My viewpoint does not negate another’s. My opinion is not the only right one. I am more than willing to hear what other people have to say even if I don’t agree with it because it is what makes us think. Without it, we live in an echo chamber and only hear our own voices bouncing back.

Thursday, September 19, 2019