Urgent need for emergency planning


To the Editor:

With the latest mass shooting incident in a fast food shop in Nashville the need to establish regulated means to safe guard all in occupied buildings becomes extremely urgent. These soft targets now include fast food, offices (business, medical, and others) retail stores, shopping malls, and manufacturing facilities.

Along with the required OSHA’s Emergency Action Plan, EAP there should be other means to ensure life safety from an ongoing hazardous incident. One is to show staff and visitors the clear unobstructed paths of egress and secondary exits doors that open from the inside and swing to the outside through various communication means.

Create a culture of vigilance and safety by empowering employees to report any unusual, dangerous, or suspicious persons or activity. Create a safe area with a locked door for “Sheltering in Place” then be sure that its location is communicated to all.

Education of staff through verbal, video, or printed materials of their means of safety and also their responsibilities to ensure that all visitors, patrons, or guests are safely protected during the ongoing emergency.

Bob Sweeney

President, RES Associates



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Make it a law that everyone has to carry a gun. Then this insanity will stop.


Tuesday, May 1, 2018