Warwick Cop Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.

Officer Joseph DeDonato reported he got a tip about a suspect in a number of larcenies from vehicles on the north side of the city on Dec. 26. He said there was a homeless person living in a tent in the woods near 251 North Country Club Drive who may have been entering unlocked cars and stealing from them. He said he and Officer John Madden located the tent and found the man in a sleeping bag around 9:20 a.m. He said they searched the area around the tent and found empty prescription bottles that had been issued to a woman who lived on Urban Avenue. He said a more extensive search of the area turned up a wide variety of objects and two backpacks belonging to the suspect. He said they inventoried the stuff they found over 40 items, including; earphone sets; DVDs; cell phones; iPods; gift cards; three marijuana pipes; nine packs of cigarettes; a lady’s watch, cigarette lighters; a padlock and keys; three folding knifes; and a bicycle. DeDonato’s report estimated that the items were worth a total of over $840. Matthew Thomas Hughes, with a last address of 794 Main Ave. in Warwick was charged with multiple counts of larceny and attempted larceny and held for arraignment when he did not meet the $40,000 bail with surety.

David Jason Dahlin, 29, of 35 Logan St. in Warwick was charged with felony shoplifting on Dec. 29 after loss prevention agents at Sears in the Rhode Island Mall told police he concealed a number of video games on his person and left the store without paying for them. Police said they recovered four games worth $119.95 from him when he returned to and they caught him as he attempted to leave a second time. He was charged with felony shoplifting when it was learned he had two prior convictions, one of which stemmed from Dec. 5 of last year that he was on probation for. He was held for arraignment in District Court.
Jessica Lynn Baker, 33, of 397 Pequot Ave. was charged with shoplifting at the Walmart store on post Road on Dec. 28 after loss prevention there told police concealed six items of women’s clothing worth $100.87 and attempted to leave the store without paying for them. She was later remanded to the ACI when she could not produce the funds for the $3,000 surety bail.
Sandra Maria Delaroca, 33, of 25 Meagan Brooke Ln. in Warwick was charged with stealing $635 worth of jewelry and clothing from the Kohl’s store in the Rhode Island Mall on Dec. 23. Loss prevention at the store told police she and a companion, identified as Angela Urizar, 46, of 86 Fourth St. in Cranston, concealed the goods while they were in the fitting rooms and attempted to leave the store without paying for the concealed goods. A third woman was released after the store told police they did not want to charge her because she had less than $20 worth of goods on her when they detained her. Delaroca and Urizar were charged with shoplifting and later released with summonses for District Court.

Officer John Curley reported a one-vehicle accident near Mallard and Ernest Avenues around 10:10 p.m. on Dec. 23. Curley said Rescue was already out with the driver and he questioned her about what happened. He said she told him she was drinking at home with her boyfriend when they got into an argument and she left the house and was driving down the road when she lost control and her car went into the woods. He said the woman was on a stretcher on her way to the hospital for evaluation when he spoke with her. He said she told him the lump on her forehead came from slipping in front of her house when she fell at home. He said the woman smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech and appeared to be under the influence. Curley said she was taken to Kent Hospital where she refused to submit to a chemical test. Lynn L. Taylor, 46, of 51 Harris Ave. was charged with refusal and issued a summons. He said a neighbor told him that Taylor said earlier that her boyfriend pushed her and she fell and cut her head on the coffee table in her house before she got into her car. Curley said he told Taylor not to go back to her residence because there was an automatic no contact order against her boyfriend [identified only as Chris in the report] and he would be arrested if he came back to the house himself and that he should be in the presence of Warwick police when he comes back to get his things.
Officer Eric Lima reported he was dispatched to the area of Warwick Avenue and Pilgrim Parkway around 11 p.m. on Dec. 26 for an accident. He said he found the driver of a car with Massachusetts plates behind the wheel of a heavily damaged Toyota who appeared to be intoxicated, with vomit on his shirt and pants and his pants unzipped and unbuttoned and falling down. He said he asked the driver if he needed medical attention but he declined. He said he called Warwick Rescue anyway because the airbags had deployed and he was unsure if there were any injuries. Rescue told Lima the man appeared to be all right other than being intoxicated and he gave the man a field sobriety test, which he failed. Lima said he arrested Michael P. Kehoe, 23, of 7 Danielle St. in Norton, MA, and took him to headquarters where he refused to take a breath test. He said Kehoe then complained of a headache and asked to get medical attention. He was transported to Kent Hospital where he was evaluated and then released with a summons for DUI and refusal.
Officer Matthew Moretti reported he was on patrol around 9:20 p.m. on Dec. 24 when he observed a car swerving from lane to lane on Post Road before it turned onto Main Avenue. He said he pulled the car over near Groveland Avenue and asked the driver where he was coming from and where he was going. He said the man slurred his speech when he answered and smelled of alcohol. Moretti said he asked the man if he had been drinking and “he stated that he had a few too many.” He said he asked the driver to take a field sobriety test but he said he didn’t want to and that Moretti should just arrest him. He said he took Nicholas V. Rossi, 65, of 1873 West Shore Rd. to headquarters where he refused to take a breath test. He was charged with DUI, second offense. Moretti said Rossi had pleaded nolo contendere to DUI on March 29 of 2011 year and charged with refusal, second offense, because he was convicted of refusing to take a chemical test on April 5 of the same year. He was issued summonses for DUI, refusal and laned roadway violations and later released to a sober adult.


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