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At approximately 3:36 p.m. on June 24, Officer Jonathan Reiff and other members of the department were dispatched to Aza, located at 175 Post Rd., for a report of a small fire in the building. Dispatch advised that Warwick Fire personnel were already on scene and that the building was vacant and deemed an unsafe structure.

At the scene, Officer Reiff met with Warwick Fire personnel who stated that a small fire had been lit in the back corner of the building and that the fire had been extinguished. They also stated that it appeared that the fire alarm had been pulled and that when they arrived on scene the door on the side of the building had been propped open. It appeared as if a suspect or suspects had run out that door.

A report was taken to document the incident, and there are no suspects at this time.


On June 25 around 11:13 a.m., Animal Control Officer Eric Brewster arrived at 945 Bald Hill Rd. for a report of two dogs locked in a car in front of Hobby Lobby.

At the scene, Brewster met with Officer Julio Benros, who stated that the dog owner had already come outside prior to his arrival and was involved in an exchange of words with bystanders at the scene. Officer Benros also stated that he had gained control of the scene and instructed the dog owner, identified as Darlene Mandeville, 42, of 2683 Wallum Lake Rd. in Burrilville, to stay at the scene until Animal Control arrived.

Officer Brewster asked dispatch what the current temperature was and was informed that it was 73 degrees as of 11 a.m. Brewster then approached the SUV to get a measurement of the temperature of the SUV the dogs had been in. The two dogs reportedly made the task of getting a temperature reading difficult as they were trying to bite the laser thermometer.

A temperature reading of the driver’s side floor registered 90.3 degrees, and a second reading of the center floor area registered 89.6 degrees. The report indicated that the readings were taken in a shady area of the vehicle and after the SUV was opened for an undetermined amount of time.

Officer Brewster then approached Mandeville to gather information, and she allegedly became argumentative and interrupted the officer. Mandiville said she brought the dogs with her because she was on vacation and wanted to spend time with them. She said she had lost track of time, which was for approximately 35-40 minutes and that she had done nothing wrong and felt that her dogs were fine to be left in the car.

Officer Brewster made the determination that due to the amount of time the dogs were inside the vehicle, that the car was parked in direct sunshine, and the fact that Mandeville was not understanding the Warwick ordinance of animal confinement in a motor vehicle that a violation would be issued. She was issued a ticket and informed that she would be required to appear at Warwick Municipal Court on Aug. 9.


On June 26 at approximately 10:51 a.m., Officer David Thompson was dispatched to Sweetfern Road for a malicious damage complaint.

At the scene he met with the complainant who stated that the Governor Francis neighborhood sign on Spring Green Road at Narragansett Parkway had been vandalized with blue spray paint. The sign is valued at approximately $1,000. There are currently no suspects or witnesses.


On June 23 at 11:39 p.m., Officer Aaron Steere was traveling north on Oakland Beach Avenue when he observed a vehicle take an abrupt right turn onto Ottawa Avenue. Due to the erratic turn, Officer Steere followed the vehicle and determined that the car was traveling between 30 and 35 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone.

Officer Steere ran DMV checks on the vehicle’s registration, which showed that the vehicle was registered to a woman with a suspended license. As he followed the vehicle, he observed the car fail to make a complete stop at the stop sign at Sea View Drive. A traffic stop was then initiated.

Contact was then made with the driver, identified as Newon Sendolo, 25, of 160 Hanover St. Apt. 1 in Providence. Sendolo told the officer he was looking for a park off of Oakland Beach Avenue, and it was eventually determined he was looking for the basketball courts on Burr Avenue at Suburban Parkway, where he was to meet up with a friend.

Officer Steere reported that Sendolo appeared nervous and that there were inconsistencies with his story. The officer also observed a large amount of currency in the center console of the car, along with a touch screen phone and a black flip phone on the floor. At that time Officer Steere believed that there may be narcotics involved based on his training and experience. Sendolo then agreed to have his car searched.

Officer Steere then removed his canine partner from his cruiser and conducted a search, which revealed baggies containing suspected marijuana as well as other bags containing what was believed to be crack cocaine and heroin. The substances were confiscated and sent to the lab for testing. $959 was also seized from the car.

Sendolo was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters where he was processed and held for the next session of District Court for the charge of felony possession. He was also issued violations for speeding and obedience to a stop sign.


On June 24 at approximately 11:05 a.m., Officer Timothy Tavares reported that he met with a woman at police department headquarters who wanted to report a larceny from a motor vehicle.

The woman stated that during the prior evening, her car was left unlocked and was broken into. After inspecting the vehicle she found that her blue Tory Birch purse was taken. Contained inside the purse was a debit card, driver’s license, and $100 in cash. She also stated that her debit card had been used four times without her permission. She was advised to contact the Cranston Police Department as well as her card was used in that city.

No damage was sustained to the vehicle. There are currently no suspects.


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