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On June 20 just after 10 a.m., Officer Joseph DeDonato responded to Holden Elementary on Hoxsie Avenue in reference to a larceny from a classroom. At the school he met with the victim, who stated that sometime between 3:15 p.m. on June 18 and 8:30 a.m. on June 19, someone entered her classroom and removed several games, pens, markers, paper and the teacher’s checkbook from her classroom. The victim indicated she closed her checking account.

Officer DeDonato checked with dispatch and no alarms were reported to the police department from the school. There are currently no suspects or witnesses.


Officer Sara Goes was dispatched to the Haxton’s Toll Gate Liquors parking lot on Bald Hill Road on June 29 around 5 p.m. for a report of an operator possibly driving under the influence.

At the scene she met with Sergeant Nelson who stated that a retired Warwick officer and a community service officer were doing a detail in the area. They reportedly observed Lisa Bicknell, 53, of 40 Garnet St. in West Warwick drive out of the Haxton’s parking lot. She was instructed by the officers to go north on the road and merge into traffic. However Bicknell traveled south the wrong way in the lane. She was then instructed to pull over into the parking lot as she was suspected of driving under the influence.

Officer Goes then spoke with Bicknell, who stated that she may have had one or two drinks. The officer detected the smell of alcohol and signs of impairment while speaking with Bicknell. She was asked to take a series of sobriety tests, however those tests were quickly discontinued as she was unable to perform them. She was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters.

At the station, Bicknell agreed to take a chemical breathalyzer test, which produced blood alcohol readings of .277 and .291 percent. Bicknell was then immediately transported to Kent Hospital for detox. She was charged with driving under the influence first offense and laned roadway violations. She was later released from Kent to her parents.


On June 28 at approximately 5:35 p.m. Officer Ali Jaafar was conducting a traffic stop on Elmwood Avenue. As he finished the stop and was walking back to his cruiser he observed a car with a noticeably tinted windshield with what appeared to be an after market sunscreen material installed. The vehicle also did not have a front license plat displayed. Officer Jaafar then followed the car and conducted a traffic stop.

The driver took an extended period of time to pull over, leading the officer to believe that he may be attempting to conceal items in the vehicle. Once stopped, contact was made with Milvio Ramirez, 23, of 196 Sterling Ave. in Providence. As Ramirez rolled down his window, the officer reported that he detected a strong smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle.

Officer Jaafar reported that he observed a bag of suspected marijuana sticking out from the center console. When asked if he had a medical marijuana card, Ramirez said he did but that he hadn’t received it by mail yet. During procedural checks, it was also discovered that the car’s registration did not match the car it was attached to.

A large amount of cash was found on Ramirez when he was searched. A small bag of suspected marijuana was also discovered in his pocket as well. Additional officers were requested to report to the scene.

A search of Ramirez’s vehicle found three individually packaged bags of suspected marijuana, as well as a bottle that contained more of the substance. A pay as you go phone was also found, which reportedly would not stop ringing, again leading the officer to believe it had to do with drug activity.

Ramirez stated the vehicle was his but he did not have the title for it. At that time, a canine was called to the scene to conduct a search of the vehicle, however no additional substances were found. Ramirez was taken into custody and his vehicle towed from the scene. The suspected marijuana, cell phone, and $1,547 were seized. Found within the cash was a counterfeit $100 bill. Ramirez was later charged with felony possession of marijuana. He was held to appear before the bail commissioner.


On June 30 at approximately 5 p.m., Officer Ben Bratko and Ryan Lancaster were dispatched to the Post Road Walmart for a report of a larceny.

At the store they met with the reporting party, who told the officers that her mother’s cell phone had been taken when she left it on a table that displayed merchandise at the front of the store. According to the report, the woman realized she forgot the phone on the table and walked away, but when she realized she had forgotten it and returned to the table the phone was gone.

A call was then made to the phone and a female picked up and said “no English” before hanging up. An attempt to track the phone using an application was unsuccessful. Another call was made however it went straight to voicemail. A review of store security videos proved inconclusive.

The phone was described as a pink iPhone 8 Plus valued at $800. The phone was entered into the police database as stolen and a report was forwarded to department detectives.


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