We would be grateful


To the Editor:

It was sad to hear of the passing recently of Mr. Alfred Carpionato. I am a tenant in one of the subsidized buildings that is owned and operated by his company.

The tenants here have many concerns in regards to our living conditions. First of all there is no real communication to let new people know the rules and regulations. I have lived here for 16 years and the morale has gone very low. We, the tenants, have issues with the cleanliness and compliance. It is not healthy to live in a place where people are still smoking in a non-smoking facility.

Rules are made but never enforced. I am always reading about all the different properties that are being acquired by this company- buying Benny’s stores, the Newport Casino and most recently the plan to build a medical facility next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It must be great to be able to acquire these things but please take care of the places where people-mostly elderly- have to live out their existing days.

We don’t demand a lot- just good old-fashioned kindness and consideration. I certainly hope that the people who are left in charge of handling your properties in the future will honor your memory by being kind to humanity. In closing, Mr. C. I hope you will rest in peace knowing you have made a difference to the little people in R.I. We would be ever so grateful.

Doris A. Witt



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