Weakening our democracy


To the Editor:

Make no mistake about it, America, the Democrats and the left are getting together to resist our new president. Every step of the way, in Trump’s new presidency, the left is laying “land mines” for Trump to navigate.

It’s been reported that an active effort by former President Obama’s administration is out to “tank” Trump. Trump’s White House is being undermined by the left each and every day since winning the presidency. For what reason? I guess to gather more votes by placating to their base! Pathetic at best.

The biased media wants to “draw blood” from Trump’s White House with its fake and phony reporting.

The Democrats losses in the Senate, House, and Chief Executive has created a firestorm of “Revenge” which is unpatriotic, unfair, divisive, violent, wrong, and plain evil!

“Wake Up America,” this revengeful attitude being demonstrated by the left is toxic and weakening our democracy. It’s got to end and let’s move forward and let the new administration do what it earned-to govern.

For the sake of our beloved nation, let’s swallow our pride, come together on both side, and unite for “Love of Country!” Remember to discredit the president is to discredit yourself!

God Help Us!

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich


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