What better moment?


As we head towards that time of year when many around the world reflect on religion, family and sharing, let’s take a brief second to count our blessings. All too often that which divides gets more attention than those things we each share. Now is the time for us to reach out in love. Is there a better moment? "What Better Moment" All over the world

They view the same night

Those stars in the heavens

Are a unanimous site

And all over the world 

We each long to see

A fellowship of man

For both you and me

All over the world

People look for hope

With days full of trouble 

Souls search ways to cope

And all over the world

When worship bells ring

Somewhere on high

It’s time to all sing 

All over the world 

Families will seek

To come forth together

For the tired and meek

And all over the world

Joy’s in the air

So what better moment 

To join hands and share

All over the world

Peace calls to be heard

Love, friendship and mercy

These are the words

For all over the world

They speak to our hearts

When put into action

We’re never apart I wish you a wonderful holiday season. Whatever your spiritual beliefs might be, we all have so much in common. Hopefully, you will find time to share with those close to your hearts. Hopefully, you will also find time to consider those afar who also share your dreams. All over the world most hope for the same. We have a lot of work to do, for peace to come, change must occur in every heart. See you soon.

Bob HoughtalingDirector of the East Greenwich Drug Program


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