What would you like to see at Rocky Point Park?



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I'm disappointed with the list above. Here is my list that I think would maximize revenues for our beloved park....

1. Build a NEW Shore Dinner Hall and operate it SIMILAR to the days of old...Any top restauranteur in Rhode Island would LOVE to have the opportuntiy to produce a Rhode Island shore dinner that made Little Rhody famous. Talk about huge revenues.

2. Call in Walt Disney or Great America to assist in designing a small but tasteful version of a Rhode Island specific amusement park/boardwalk that would have the potential to bring in people from all over New England or perhaps the entire eastern sector of the U.S. north of Virginia. Disney did a fantastic job creating California Adventure highlighting amusement boardwalks of old here in California along with highlighting white water river rafting (you know..the water ride), old trains, soaring over the state to see it's highlights, etc etc. I think it would be a wonderful idea to do something like that.

3. Bring the old swimming pool back. It shouldn't be that hard to do and would give a place for families to go all summer long. I remember that pool being FILLED TO CAPACITY every summer I went there. And, yes, as modern miracles would have would be easy enough to cover it and convert it into a skating venue in the winter. If Hotel Del here in San Diego can create a skating surface during our winter...Little Rhody can.

4. The fishing pier/pier boat dock..with a restaurant at the end of it is a great idea. These are one of the most popular things for folks to do here on the coast of Calif.

5. A wedding venue works well as long as it is not the only thing you all do.

Bike paths and picnic areas do not bring in revenue and do not build family participation and memories.

OK...So there you have it from a Little Rhody gal who has seen what works here in California. If you build the correct infrastructure for the site the problems of traffic and needed sewerage and utilities can be overcome. Just put your thinking caps on. All the things I've suggested can be great memory builders from the past and into the future and each one is a great revenue builder. GOOD LUCK MY FRIENDS...BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME...!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rhode Island has nothing to offer we have to go to ct,or mass and six flags does not do it for me I rather go to the place I grew up in and spend my money in my own state,

Friday, May 10, 2013

How about vehicle access for those of us that can't walk any amount of distance any improvement have to comply with the a.d.a

Lest we forget

Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm along the lines of geezluiz. I believe we need the Shore Dinner Hall back. And I do believe it should be an Amusement park, but one that highlights some of the memories that most of us have of the beloved park. With a boardwalk and some sort of living museum of a bygone era. A place to gather with all generations of the family and relive and make new lasting memories. The petting zoo could come back. Fishing Pier is great Idea. Maybe a place for families to go claming...I think it would make a great East Coast counterpart to Disneyland..

Would also make for a good open air concert venue.

Friday, May 10, 2013

My idea bring back an Amusement park, arcade, mini golf course, bumper cars, and as for food put in a food court and the Shore dinner hall and maybe add a gift shop.

By adding all this it could not only bring revunue to the State but could also add so many needed jobs to this hard hitted. State and maybe bring tourist in.

Friday, May 10, 2013

There were talks about an indoor water park set for west Warwick maybe they can do that in Warwick and get back some of the money in off season. People are paying to go go these other hotels with water pars and drive an hr it would be nice to kept that here and help out with bills in off season !

Friday, May 10, 2013

I am 100% with geezluiz. I would love to see her suggestions come to fruition along with water taxis from east to west bay and an onsite hotel with a water park. These ideas would generate millions in revenue for our poor, failing state.

Friday, May 10, 2013

I say bring in a Sea World... It can be done... We had one in Aurora, Ohio... I would go every summer... It would bring in so much revenue and jobs...

Friday, May 10, 2013

My thoughts are, if they can build an exact replica of Yankee stadium with today's ammenities, then why not do this with the amusement park. Have a company come in and recreate each ride paying attention to every detail of the old rides, but using today's technology. The flume could be bigger and better though, but stuff like the house of horrors should be recreated detail by detail from the original. Bring back the batting cages, mini golf, and salt water pool too. The shore dinner hall is a must. Trust me this will be a "field of dreams" expirence. If you build it, they will come.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I agree with some of the ideas posted, particularly the idea of a new shore dinner hall. I do like the idea of walking paths, and perhaps a small open air concert venue. As much as it would be wonderful to have an amusement park again, I"m not sure it would be economically viable in this day and age of those Six Flags places...however something like bringing back the carosuel, etc. would be good.

I would have to add that an homage to the history of the park is in order. There is enough memorabilia to create a lasting memorial or small museum dedicated to the memory of the park is imperative. To neglect the park's past as you move forward in its history would be a grave disservice. I will keep checking in to see how the planning and execution go.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Having an amusement park would be GREAT. It would profit the state and give people something to do. There is no other amusement park in the state. Having a pool would be a good idea and maybe like 4 water rides. Having better rollercoasters and high thrill rides but then also some like the scrambler and round up. Having the clamhouse and the rollerskate part would be fun too. Having the old park would be great for everyone.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What is the matter with having a great place for adults AND families. We need first a casino AND amusement park ( all must be indoors for year round use ) Have a shore dinner, mini golf ,etc. We would be the first state to provide all together in one place for the entire family to enjoy. The owners of Twin River could run the casino so it wouldn't be competition for them. The excess funds from the casino (in the beginning )would help pay for the indoor amusement park until it becomes self supporting .

Sunday, May 12, 2013

How about a combination of the offered suggestions? Lets not funnel ourselves into a corner. An "open space" it already is. Lets keep that.....A great place for the State Fair that hasn't been a "State Fair" since Rocky Hill. How about a new Palladium? A big money maker that should, along with good honest management, alone, be able to support the property and it's costs. The "Rocky Point Flea Market"! In todays economy folks are choosing more and more to shop "previously used" products. By the way...Does anyone remember Eddie and Dottie? Zack? A by gone Era that would do well in todays world. And now to the obvious....Rocky Point Chowder House! Doesn't have to be a giant hall....It could even be a "Take Out" stand. Iggys does Okay.....I'm just saying the obvious. Either way, lets not ruin the opportunity while it's on the table. While people are interested....we have the power to "Do Something"! Don't just let the land sit and sit until the interest is gone to another location, or as it always happens in Rhode another state. I understand all the negatives to this sort of plan....Traffic in residential areas, Noise, and the inevitable Police action. Nothing is perfect. We need to find solutions for these issues and gain cooperation from Rocky Points neighbors before a final idea can be realized. Lets just not let this opportunity go by. Its good for something....we need to determine what. No doubt in my mind with a good idea, good management, and common sense....It will bring great satisfaction and entertainment to us as well as tourists, and great returns. Jethro Tides

Monday, May 13, 2013

First off, Repair, rebuild or replace the World Famous Shore Dinner Hall ! Its the anchor and heart of the park and obviously should be reopened. The last time it was built, a lot of planning went into its location and foundation to withstand the worst weather. So why not erect it back on this spot where thousands were spent to do it right. The base is already there which will save tens of thousands on construction.

The idea of the shore dinner hall was awesome, seating families next to each other where they could share food and conversation. This is something that is sorely needed in society today. Lets bring back something that worked ! How quaint is that ! After all, isn't that what its all about, sharing with your neighbor ? Rhode Island is a flagship for quaintness and knowing your neighbors. So lets continue that tradition.

When I was a kid, there were plenty of places only minutes away. Rocky Point, Crescent Park, Lincoln Park, Goddard Park, Slater Park, efc. Now there is very little left. My family had their choice of parks to go to in the 90s and 2000. Even though they could have gone to Six Flags, they prefered Lake Compounce because of its quaintness. Its a great park, but was a bit of a drive from our corner of R.I. We still went there to enjoy the old park. We used to go to Six Flags when it was Riverside Park, another park we enjoyed. I think kids and families enjoy the smaller amusement parks best. So maybe if the Shore Dinner hall is returned, the next phase could be to return the old park to the way it was or close to it. Or maybe a combo park like Lake Compounce with an amusement park and water park. Rocky Point was unique and the design was great with the main stage with awesome entertainment. I think it can be returned to closely resemble the old park and should.

Monday, May 13, 2013

If not an amusement park, I believe there should be some sort of attraction that both includes the essence of Rhode Island and restoration of the old Rocky Point. I understand it's near to almost impossible to rebuild anything from the past to its original state and its reputation. However, that does not mean we should do nothing at all with it. The idea to bring back the restaurant by the pier is an excellent suggestion and I'm confident there are plenty of willing participants. Other affordable and more importantly, REALISTIC ideas include: the salt water pool which someone so kindly reminded us brought in a LOT of revenue which is exactly what our state needs! Think of the number of people who already come down to the beach just for a stroll because of the beautiful view. That alone attracts a tremendous amount of people. Imagine the pull of people had there been a pool? A pool, a beach, a clam house - why not make the hole thing a recreational area. I don't know about you but this park screams "DRIVE-IN". It's already paved and has more than enough acreage to cover the requirements. Then, on top of that, restore a little bit of the old rides - not even to go on but just to see it. I know I speak for more than just myself that I am dying to see just a glimpse of the history which lays behind that fence. To be able to go there and see it up close and personal would be an absolute privilege that I am most certainly willing to pay for. The entire park is a goldmine waiting to be dug up. It's time we do something for the memory of Rocky Point and to help our state as well. So... if you know how to do this get going.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I think bringing the pride back to RI is the key! A boardwalk would be great here! Reopen the dinner hall and reopen the park with great rides that will keep people coming back. great board walk with shops and educational venues that highlights some of RI local water life ie pet tanks or small aquariums. It is such a beautiful piece of land in a beautiful state its a shame it sits idle while the residents travel out of state and give all the revenue else where.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Amusement parks are struggling to make ends meet. W/o the built in crowds that an amusement park brings, a large scale shore dinner hall would fail, and you would have another hulk of a building. This is now publicly owned land. Could areas be leased to commercial ventures? Perhaps. You would need enough there to keep people around for a while.

But maybe a carousel and some kiddie rides? Once Warwick Neck became developed, Rocky Point became an albatross. Getting in or out, especially for a major event was troublesome. Sadly, it can never return to what we remember. That filled in pool is eerie...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I grew up in CT. and we'd come to Rocky Point all the time when I was a kid. It gave us great memories and TRUE family fun time. What do we currently have around here that can offer that? Get these kids out of the house and give them a sense of truly living life! None of this "blah blah amusement parks aren't making it.' If it was done right, built right and heads were put together - we could see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's time for some tradition, decency and LIVING! Now-a-days people think that living involves sitting behind a computer screen for hours. It's not normal. No child left behind. I think building a park would give people jobs and if done right.. it could be made affordable for us citizens allowing us to come together and enjoy the meaning of life. Rocky Point symbolized that. I think our 'fears" of amusement park struggle, etc. need to vanish. If we don't push through and set the example for the next generation, who is going to do that, and how are we going to get through the hellish life being led behind a screen! Let's PROVE we can make it happen this time around!

Don't forget... history repeats itself. The family that originally came over in the 1800's built a small amusement park. After how many huricanes / closings did it get rebuilt. Don't give up folks. Don't tell yourselves that we can't. We can and we will!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh and lastly I wanted to add that if done right it could be open year round. There could be specific themed holiday events to keep at least part of the park open year round. Special events taking place at the Shore Dining Hall, speakers, comedians, etc. and that could be open year round.

And I'll throw in that I personally would like to see a specific section of the park maybe this time be devoted to "House of Horrors." Between the paranormal craze that has skyrocketed and TAPS right here in RI being one of the original when it did... having some type of paranormal section of the park would most certainly bring more people from all over to come and see!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No matter what, it's all going to be dumped on the backs of Warwick tax payers as will the big bill the mayor made in purchasing it. People never think about that. The mayor has already driven so many people out of our city .When you think about it there's not too any things we're not taxed on .He lowered all our homes evaluation to ridiculously low knowing the housing market is on the way up so our price per $1000.00 is going to be crazy high . The man is never surprised. He thinks very far in advance. He saw a gold mine for the city to make $$$$ with Rocky Point and it will all come out of our pocket. Rocky Point is dead. It's just a piece of property now . Sorry I can't live in a pretend bubble.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Too whom it may concern

Here are my ideas for the land that used to be Rocky Point Park as well as some other ideas for RI tourism

I believe that there needs to be a way to make money year round so where the old salt water pool was a small retail mall ,a couple rows of store front facing each other with a large brick patio in between then above the store fronts condos could be built this would bring in people year round and have a source of revenue year round

Next to keep some open space and have it usable build an outdoor stage where there is just a open space field then the stage .Just think about it concerts, stage shows, fireworks over the bay

Now a small family oriented theme park should be built something that family could enjoy no need for large thrill rides. I was thinking more the lines of carnival type rides but built to stand year round

As for access the state of RI should build a boardwalk or pier where boats could dock people could fish and a boat can be launched similar to colt state park. This would be different however because a ferry would be able to dock. Now for the ferries RI should build a few ferry stops for easier access to our beautiful shoreline one stop in providence then Rocky Point then colt state park one in Narragansett followed be Newport another in Galilee then out to block island this way no matter where you are staying you can see the state. This I feel could and would bring more tourists to the state and create more jobs and more entrepreneurial opportunities.

Also I feel the shore dining hall should be rebuilt with an area that can host weddings and functions as well as year round dining with a balcony over looking the bay because what is Rocky Point without clam cakes and chowda

Thank you for heat the ideas of the citizen of RI

Thursday, May 16, 2013

So sad to see such limited choices. Would love to see a Shore dinner hall!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

How about selling it to the private sector's Highest Bidder. The state and the city could derive some much needed revenue to start repairing our failing infrastructure.

Don't you folks already have enough places to play in this state?

Friday, May 17, 2013

I would like to see the park grounds cleaned up and place benches placed at various locations.I would also to see singes showing a picture of the ride itself .As for the SHORE DINNER HALL would like to see i restored t to a flea market.As for the PALLIADUM I would restore it to it,s glory days featuring weddings etc.As for HOUSING I say NO NO WAY It just does not belong

Friday, May 17, 2013

I would love to see a small amusement park much like Rocky Point. If you recall, there was plenty of space for picnics, fishing,you could ride your bike through and stop for something to eat or to enjoy the view. We also had two wonderful banquet venues in The Palladium and The Windjammer. We don't need to pick one thing, we can have all of it.

Friday, May 17, 2013

It must be returned to the private sector, the State is not in the entertainment business.

The private sector doesn't want to partner with the State so it would have to be sold. Once it's sold the new owners wouldn't be able to do anything with it due to all the rules and regulations that would be imposed by the City and State!

Why couldn't the former owners do anything with it? Go way back to the council records and interested parties, see what the real problem is.

Stop dreaming and get real, the City and State now own this property and are realizing what a costly mistake they've made, it's a WHITE ELEPHANT!

Friday, May 17, 2013

I think amusements would be a great idea, as long as you had both indoor and outdoor amusements to make it a year round entertainment center. There is an indoor mini golf in Providence which seems to be doing quite well.. Water park type rides for the summer outdoors, but how hard would it be to have indoor ones as well, so that it could be used both winter and summer. Paddle boats would be enjoyable, Bumper cars, include some of the classic amusement rides that were part of the history of Rocky Point as well. West Warwick just opened an indoor trampoline park, why not one here?. I honestly think that what is stopping the city or state from doing things like this is liability... I would imagine that the insurance for such a facility could be prohibitive. A shore dinner hall, maybe not as large as before, that serves the traditional fare that was once served at Rocky Point would be an integral part. Bring back the swimming pool, add a skating facility like at Rockefeller center, but one that can be used for ice skating in winter and roller skating in summer.. We need something that will not only attract out of staters, but also give RI'ers and their out of state visitors something of interest to do. The only thing we have here in RI are the mansions, but they only interest certain types of people. Everyone else travels to CT for the casinos, to MA for 6 Flags, to CT or MA for the Aquariums etc. We have nothing but miles of beaches but you can only take so much sun before you get sunburned or skin cancer... Let our children experience the fun that we did when we were young, it just might get them interested in doing something physical, something besides vegging out in front of video games and computers and even better, it just might get families doing things TOGETHER, like we did as kids. Some of my fondest memories were of going to the drive in as a family, going bowling and skating or to an amusement park as a family, The added benefit is that Warwick is centrally located. The only drawback is that road access would have to be improved... as I can remember the long lines of cars trying to enter on that one lane road into Rocky Point.

Friday, May 17, 2013

sell it

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I agree the choices are too minnimal..I wouldn't want a 6 flags type park, with teens using it as a hanout. Make it more like a family place some kiddy rides, keep th walk, no pool, So high maintenance. Rides the parents can ride with the kids, maybe a train ride around the park. Bring the pier back for fishing the walking path is great. Let's keep it or the kids & families. Bring clamcakes, chowder and Palladium back I am sure IGGY's Would love that!

But No concerts, lat night sunrise to sunset, Night fishing for people with propr licensing. A cross between Goddard Park, Colt State Park & Okland beach but nicer! Just my idea!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Saturday, May 25, 2013

the land should be resold for housing so we could generate some tax revenue

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The RIDEM says they have 2.5 million budgeted for the demolition of the buildings and to clean up the rest of the property. Okay, we know the cottages are in poor shape and are probably not salvageable. However, Demolish the Shore Dinner Hall, Palladium and, Windjammer? First off, most Rocky Point fans knows that the first two Shore Dinner Halls were destroyed by hurricanes. It appears to me, when they were building the third one, the same one that is standing today, They wanted something strong. A building that would withstand the harshest conditions. That is what you see today. Yes, the building is in poor shape. If you pay particular attention to the structure itself, without looking at the broken windows and, rotted roof, it seems straight and solid. I believe it is a brick/concrete block building with a steel infrastructure. Why can it not be rehabbed and restored to its glory? The hard work is already done.

As for the Palladium and Windjammer, someone has worked really hard to keep those buildings sealed up tight. It does not appear that they have roofs that are falling in. I read something somewhere from an author or photographer, Maybe Dave Bettencourt that stated, when they visited the Palladium in 2007, the lights and heat were on and, someone had been keeping up with some minor maintenance on the building. Although the windows and doors need to be replaced, it appears that buildings have good straight lines and are structurally strong. Am I wrong? Maybe but, I doubt it.

There is a lot of history here amongst these buildings and the property. Who on earth wants to see them torn down and hauled away? Why can't they be leased. The location? It does not get better than this. We need this. The only thing that would make these buildings being restored better is, to start adding amusements. I find it hard to believe the park struggled due to attendance. It seems to me and maybe many others that four individuals in charge, got tired of the place and everything that goes along with managing a amusement park. Long live Rocky Point Park.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I realize that this is just a poll and as such must have only a few options but I do niot understand why some might preclude others?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

There was nothing wrong with the old park! Bring it back to its original state....The Park brought in tons of revenue......Sure Warwick neck road was jammed but we take the good with the bad....Rhode island has not much to offer but it's shore lines...Let's bring generations of the fun back....It would take kids off the streets with summer jobs and create new jobs for a hard hit state.....I grew up in the 70's 80's and 90's in Rocky Point...I would love to see my grandchildren enjoy the most wonderful place that Rhode Island has to offer!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I think we should have the amusement park back with the shore dinner hall,also the pool should be brought back and the dock repaired. also to cut down on the traffic we should have ferry service.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

If we brought back an amusement park and added a New Shore Dinner Hall with a large room and beautiful landscaping on the side it would be a beautiful venue and bring back tons of jobs for RI. Weddings and the restaurant could be utilized year round. Even an in door mini golf, or roller rink for kids birthday parties, even in door bumper cars, a carousel would definitely bring in revenue for our state and give our kids something to do in the winter. Proms etc. Hershey Park opens a small piece of the park & decorates for Cheistmas and open a "Winter Wonderland!" So many great options!! Great for RI!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Too many of you are living in the past with this. If the RPP of old couldn't support itself in good times, it's damned sure not going to make it in hard times. And a Disneyland-styled park would either fail miserably or turn Warwick into something you won't recognize at all (and my first concern is the city of Warwick, not the state of Rhode Island or its "trendy upscale" residents).

Look to a combination of things that work for everybody, and are affordable and non-intrusive to either the land itself or the host neighborhood. A fishing dock and pier and bike and walking paths would co-exist nicely without taking away the open space concept, and would not return the surrounding neighborhoods (which have grown and changed) into the long-suffering bystanders they once were. And there would be plenty of opportunities for wedding-related events, from "just pictures" right up to outdoor weddings like those now done in other parks.

Think about it...if it becomes yet another incarnation of the old amusement park with prices even higher than they were when it closed (which, for many who hopefully will read this, is long after enjoying it as kids), how often are you going to fit a day at RPP into your life? And before you opt for "Disneyworld North," I suggest you go to Florida or Cali and spend a day in lines and a lot of money, and then see how you feel.

Keep it open, keep it local, and keep it real.

Monday, June 17, 2013

I've posted this before but there is no reason we can't have it all. Before it's demise, there was the park, Shore Dinner Hall, Fishing, plenty of picnic area, as well as The Windjammer and The Palladium. Just get government out of it and we can have it back so our children and their's can enjoy all that we were able to.

Monday, June 17, 2013

I have heard Warwick say they want to compete with Newport.

We simply cannot because there is no areas that have the variety of businesses within walking distance.

Everything in Warwick is spread out and to the residents including myself I prefer that.

However this property can give us that chance to attract tourists and take advantage of our waterfront.

This property should include a town run marina capable of holding a large volume of money spending transients including reasonable price slips for seasonal residents.

We could put almost all of the ideas people have posted except for the ones that take over the entire property.

A village environment with affordable businesses (versus upscale), a place you can walk around, or drive to.

Restaurants, shops, park type open spaces. fishing pier(s), bike paths, marina, water rentals, Entertainment businesses that keep it moving in the winter.

Warwick gets direct revenue from the waterfront and tax revenue from the private businesses.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

RI Economic development...THINK THE PAST... and you wonder why things are so fouled up. A few others here have it correct, you can't build FANTASY ISLAND and bring back 1960. You should put up a sign and rename it Albatross Point. We lost the potential for a first class development when Toll Brothers left. City and State taxpayers are already on the hook with more to come...Call Donald Trump, maybe he could develop it? All those bromides floated when Toll was still interested, the traffic, the over crowding of schools, noise, etc. A small cabal worked to kill it, so now you own it...Good luck.

Monday, September 30, 2013

sell it

Tuesday, October 1, 2013