Whitehouse visits Elite Physical Therapy


Senator Sheldon Whitehouse shared his views on the current Medicare issues relating to the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation services when he visited Elite Physical Therapy earlier this month.

Dr. Michael Nula, Elite Physical Therapy’s founder and owner, provided Whitehouse a guided tour of the facility, introduced him to the staff and spoke on behalf of the American Physical Therapy Association regarding these issues.

Whitehouse shared his strong interest in the area of physical therapy, and his desire to create more jobs, keep higher education affordable and strengthen Medicare.

"It was a pleasure to visit Elite Physical Therapy and to discuss the valuable services they provide to patients," said Senator Whitehouse. "The visit reinforced my commitment to supporting legislation that would remove limits to outpatient rehabilitative services, and I look forward to working on this important issue."

On behalf of the American Physical Therapy Association, Nula discussed the ways in which direct access to physical therapy would be helpful to Medicare patients. He also voiced his concerns about physical therapy students remaining eligible to benefit from the government’s student loan repayment program. Lastly, Nula would like to see the complex and inefficient payment system with physical therapy and rehabilitation services simplified.

Nula believes that taking these actions will save the entire health care system billions of dollars, strengthen quality care to Americans and help physicians keep up with the growing need for providing immediate medical attention to Americans.

“This is such a critical time for our government and health care professionals to work together and make some important decisions that will profoundly impact America’s health care system,” said Nula. “America’s health care system is evolving and changing right now, and we need to make sure that the infrastructure is updated so that quality care delivery is not compromised. I am thankful for the opportunity to meet with Senator Whitehouse, and hope that I was able to make a difference to help others.”

Elite Physical Therapy is a privately owned physical therapy practice with locations in Warwick, Providence, East Greenwich and Coventry. For more information, call 737-4581 or visit their website: www.elitephysicaltherapy.com. Appointments are available in 24 hours and more than 150 insurances are accepted.


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