Why Columbus?


To the Editor:

A statue of Christopher Columbus has been horribly defaced by one or more cowards that seem to enjoy lurking in the shadows and writing their idiotic idioms in the dark.

Christopher Columbus was an explorer who risked his life in order to prove that the world was a much larger place then was believed at that time. He tried to prove his theory in a time when there were many Europeans exploring the world who were more evil and vicious then he could ever have thought to be. Just ask the native Brazilian people how they were treated by their conquerors. Or the original inhabitants of Mexico about how magnanimously they were treated by the conquistadors.

Apparently, these cowards who seem to manufacture their hatred and mayhem at night have never read a history book. Also, why are they so furious with Columbus? Why are they not pouring out their hatred on other nationalities that were also involved in conquering other peoples’ homes?

In conclusion, let us not forget how kind and considerate our British masters were to the original colonists. If not for Columbus, these idiots would not be able to spread their hatred because they would never have been here in the first place.

John Cervone

North Providence


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Thursday, October 17, 2019