Why gas prices are so high


To the Editor:

President Obama stated in the second debate that the price of gasoline was low ($1.84 per gallon) in 2009 because of the poor economy created by President Bush. This proves that President Obama does not understand what causes fluctuations in the price of gasoline.
The price of gasoline was low in 2009 due to the foreign policy of President Bush. World conditions control the price of gasoline. In 2009, the United States was winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the casualty rate was very low. The United States had peaceful relations with most of the countries in the Middle East. The influence of al-Qaeda in the region was very low and free and peaceful elections were held in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oil production in the Middle East was very high and the demand for oil products was very low. Inflation was very low and the dollar was stable on the world market. These conditions led to the low price of gasoline here in the United States.
The domestic and foreign policies of President Obama have caused the price of gasoline to approach $4 per gallon. The trillion-dollar yearly Obama deficits have caused the Federal Reserve to print billions of additional dollars that have devalued the dollar. The foreign policy of the United States has destabilized the Middle East. The fear of a disruption in the production of oil has caused speculators to drive up the price of oil on the world market. As long as these policies continue, the price of gasoline will be high.

Kenneth Berwick


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