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Wreck-It Ralph


(Video game hero cartoon)

Anyone who plays video games will probably get a kick out of this cartoon feature. There are references to many characters that our young people will associate with. For us, it was Pac Man and Super Mario.

Wreck-It Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) is the bad guy in the Fix-It Felix Jr. video game, a job he has held for 30 years, and he's tired of it. He lets it all out at the bad guys group therapy session, where he is told that although they are all bad guys, they are not bad guys.

Every time there is a "quarter alert,” Ralph destroys an apartment building, room by room, but if the player of the game is any good, he or she guides Felix to fix it with his magic hammer. Ralph runs away from the game, leaving everyone in jeopardy of the machine being removed. He joins the crew of Hero's Duty, a heavy action video game, and then to the super sweet Sugar Rush.

At this point, parents may lose interest, as the movie becomes a bit silly, much to the delight of the kids in the Saturday matinee audience, who especially liked the bathroom humor. Product placement keeps creeping into children's movies, as it has with the adult ones. On the plus side, there are good messages about being showing empathy and caring for one another.

Rated PG, with minor cartoon violence and bathroom humor. Parents will like the cartoon short preceding the feature, titled "Paperman.” If you have ever been in love or made a paper airplane, you'll love it.


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