You won't die laughing


To the Editor:
Aristotle once said, “The state comes into existence that man may live.”
St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was quoted as saying, “If abortion is not wrong, nothing is wrong.”
With this stated, the first duty of government is to protect your life. If the state can legalize the murder of some, it can legalize the murder of many. If an innocent baby’s life is not protected, neither is yours. Abortion today justifies euthanasia tomorrow. Killing innocent babies who reside in the womb could justify the killing of elderly or the handicapped or you!
Nazi Germany’s “government” approved gas chambers that killed innocent Jews. American government-approved “abortion chambers” are now killing innocent babies.
Wake up, America. We the people’s tax dollars help pay for the killing! God help us!

Richard D. Walsh
East Greenwich


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Peggy Porter

You are so right. A country is only as good as it treats its weakest citizens and look at what we are doing to our weakest. Shameful. But it's not the people- it's the legislature. They are voting what they want and not what the people want. The known facts are exactly the opposite of what they say. They say 70% people want this and it's really only about 17. They twist the facts 70% of people might want Roe v Wade at the beginning of a pregnancy but they don't want live babies and 9 month fetuses killed

Tuesday, March 26