You won’t find better service in Warwick For all your business and residential computer needs Tech 911, Inc


Computers. Whether you are talking about a PC, a laptop or a game system, we all rely on them. Some computer users depend on their computers for their livelihood, others just use them to surf the net or keep in contact with friends. No matter to what degree you use your computer, if something goes wrong with it, you need someone you can trust to fix it in a timely, honest and thorough manner. This is exactly the kind of business model that Tech911 operates by - honesty, professionalism, unmatched skill, and meticulousness. If there is anything owner Christopher Dias knows about, it is computers . . . and honesty. His family was the longtime owners of Cranston's popular restaurant Duncan Fyffe, a restaurant built on a reputation of quality, dependability and integrity, all values Chris and his staff proudly uphold at Tech911.

Tech911 is a one stop destination for the diagnosis, installation and repair work of all your residential and commercial computers. If you are having problems with your PC, your Mac or game system, just bring it to the store and they will diagnose it for a small fee of $35 (this cost is waived if more work is required) If it is too difficult to bring your component in or if the prospect of detaching it is too daunting, Tech911 will come right to your home or office. For a fraction of the cost of its competitors, Tech911 can do your computer repair work, upgrade or cleaning in your home, safely and securely. If the repairs are more complicated, Tech911 will bring your system in for repairs and get it back to you in record time. No big box retail store can offer you such reliable and personalized service at such competitive rates.

Tech911 provides these services: virus removal, upgrades, data recovery and transfer, maintenance, repairs such as checking your processor and memory levels, removing junk software, installing security systems, troubleshooting hardware problems, even fixing a broken screen!! Most importantly, Tech911 offers both 24/7 after-hours remote service and also remote data back-up. There are simply too many risks involving the loss of irreplaceable data - why take any chances when this complete solution is available to you?

Beyond these repair services, the team at Tech911 can also sell you new and used computers. Tech911 will assess your needs and keep you onboard with all the latest technology and advanced systems, whether for your home or business system.

Tech911 is located at 990 West Shore Road in Conimicut Village. Hours are Monday - Friday, 9 - 6 pm, and Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm. Their call center help line is open 24/ 7, 365 days a year. For more information, call 401-681-4911 or visit the website at


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