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The problem of gasoline supply for the Northeast and Rhode Island is complicated by the fact that east coast refineries are being closed not only for high environmental compliance costs, but because of the cost of imported light sweet crude. The problem seems also to be a lack of supply and our local dependence on importing European gasoline and even India gasoline which supplies may be jeopardized by lower shipments from Iran. I am concerned that congressman Langevin has fixated on cybersecurity in

pursuit of relevance and a trophy bill while our energy security has come into jeopardy. It seems clear enough that Rhode Island and the Northeast demand congressional representation more attuned to the closure of refineries on the east coast and the problems they face. Heating oil also will also be an issue. I will continue to add to my understanding of the unique problems we in Rhode Island and the Northeast face with respect to the supply of gasoline and heating oil. We in New England cannot assume that increases in Domestic production of oil and gas will translate into available and affordable gasoline if east coast refineries close and remain shuttered for good. So the failure of leadership may not be simply voting against refineries, it may be failing to pay attention and anticipate the situation that has developed in a broader sense.

From: Langevin’s votes lead toward higher gasoline prices

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