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Sticky. Sweet. Crispy. Finger-licking. Mouth-watering. These are all words which describe the enticing Teriyaki Chicken Wings at China Sea, the home of flavorful and scrumptious Polynesian and Cantonese-style food, right here in Warwick. And this is just to get started! After devouring the wings, you can move on to some of the other tantalizing appetizers ~ the boneless spare ribs . . . and the chicken dumplings . . . and the crispy fried wantons . . . and the Spring rolls . . .and the Crab Rangoon. The list of options at China Sea goes on and on. And on.

China Sea, a family-run restaurant which opened 41 years ago, gives you a memorable culinary experience every time you visit – from its famous chicken wings to its heaping combination platters to its full-service bar. With its friendly and attentive servers, consistently delicious food and welcoming ambiance, China Sea has earned its reputation as the “go-to” place for authentic Chinese food in Warwick.

Whether you are dining in or calling for a take-out order, your list of meal options here is lengthy, varied and always crowd-pleasing. If you need a break from the hustle of the season, start your meal with one of China Sea’s specialty Polynesian Drinks, including the ever-popular Mai-Tai or the refreshing “Zombie”, a combination of rum, brandy and fresh tropical fruit juices ~ it will feel like a “mini-vacation.”

Enjoy one of the many entrees at China Sea, such as one of these combination platters: the Sweet & Sour Pork with Egg Roll, the Moo Goo Gai Pan w/Egg Roll, or the Shrimp in Lobster Sauce with Boneless Ribs. Try one of their special House Combinations, their Lemon Chicken, Egg Roll & Fried Rice or their Kung Po Beef with Egg Roll and Fried Rice.

Included on the long list of delicious entrees are over 60 additional plates, including every variation of chicken, seafood, beef, duck and pork you can imagine. The list of fried rice, soups, lo mein, egg foo yong and chow mein choices is seemingly endless. China Sea also accommodates their health-conscious diners, offering a variety of vegetarian dishes which can be prepared without added salt or MSG. There are also Moo Shi Style offerings, dishes that are cooked with tender shredded meat, lily flowers, mushrooms, cabbage, and eggs and served with four “pancakes.”

China Sea has a cozy dining area and a polished, full-service bar which are clean, colorful and inviting. Gather the family and come to this family-run restaurant for a well-deserved vacation from cooking this fall or make your family happy by bringing home some containers of soul-satisfying China Sea food for dinner tonight!

China Sea is located at 1278 Post Road in Warwick. Hours are Tuesday through Sunday, noon to 9:00pm. (Closed on Mondays) Take-out hours end at 8:30 pm. Check out their full menu online. For more information or to order take-out, call 401-467-7440.


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