David’s Greenwood Barber Shop

Time for a haircut in 2023, come right in


There was a time when the virtue of loyalty was prized above most anything else. Small business owners like David Picozzi of Warwick’s David’s Greenwood Barber Shop built their whole businesses upon the loyalty of their customers. The consistent and steadfast patronage of these customers is what has kept places like this neighborhood barber shop going for over a quarter of a century.

David’s Greenwood Barbershop has been the destination for men’s haircuts in Warwick for nearly thirty-one years. Dave and his son Geno, who works alongside his father in this throw-back barbershop, know that it takes a lot more than a good pair of scissors and a comfortable swivel chair to stay around in this competitive business for this long. They know that it takes consistency, attention to detail, affordability and an environment where customers feel right at home. They know it takes “old-fashioned” values of honesty, respect and quality workmanship to have their kind of staying power.

On any given day, Dave Picozzi and Geno can be found cutting the hair of loyal customers, many of whom have been coming to David’s Greenwood Barber Shop since it first opened in 1992. These customers come from every walk of life; they are men who were once boys, getting their first haircut in the swivel chair of this experienced barber. They have become part of the Picozzi family.

Dave and Geno also know who their clients are and what they want. Watching Dave and Geno with these faithful customers is like watching old friends who can’t stop laughing at an inside joke and who finish each other’s sentences.

Whether you are a longtime customer or just stopping by for the first time for a spin in one of those swivel chairs, Dave and Geno are waiting for you. For those of you who like fades, temps, and line-ups – or just the classic “men’s regular,” David’s Greenwood Barber Shop is the place to go. Just need a trim? No problem at all – just walk right in; no appointment is ever necessary.

Dave and Geno are grateful to the many customers who have frequented this mainstay in Warwick for all these years. They acknowledge that the success of their business is dependent on the regular patronage of these clients and on the introduction of any new customers that come in for a first time. They love to see the tradition of a cut and style at David’s Greenwood Barbershop carried on by generations of sons and grandsons. Everyone is welcome here.

If you are contemplating a new look this winter and spring, or you just want to try someplace different, come to this longstanding, traditional barber shop in Warwick.

David’s Greenwood Barber Shop is located at 2879 Post Road. Hours are Tuesday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays, from 8:00am to 2:00pm. For more information call 401-738-7790.


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