David’s Greenwood Barber Shop

NO appointments needed – walk-ins only


There are a lot of sounds one expects to hear at a corner barber shop ~ the buzzing sound of the shears, the snipping sound of the scissors, the squeaky sound of the swivel chair as it spins in place and the familiar sound of a door opening and closing.

But at David’s Greenwood Barber Shop in Warwick, these sounds are trumped by the sounds of laughter, friendly bantering and discussions on the state of affairs of our country. This is the closest thing we have in today’s fast-paced world to the town square, where old friends and multiple generations of fathers and sons alike come to get their hair cut, and to “solve the problems” of our day.

David’s Greenwood Barber Shop has stood at this site for nearly thirty years – that is THREE consecutive decades as of October of 2023! Many of owner and barber David Picozzi’s many clients have been coming here for all thirty of those years. Some have been coming since they got their first haircut as elementary-aged boys. Some are part of three generations – father, son and grandson! Those who come for the first time come back, time and time again. Dave and his son Geno are mainstays on the Warwick landscape. Come in and check out this dynamic duo.

There was a time when the virtue of loyalty was prized above most anything else. Small business owners like David Picozzi of Warwick’s David’s Greenwood Barber Shop built their whole businesses upon the loyalty of their customers. The consistent and steadfast patronage of these customers is what has kept places like this neighborhood barber shop going for over a quarter of a century.

Whether you are a longtime customer or just stopping by for the first time for a spin in one of those swivel chairs, Dave and Geno are waiting for you. Being a barber requires a special set of skills that go far beyond your typical hair stylist. There is a certain precision and exactness that only true barbers can achieve. Come check out the expert barbering skills of these two experienced and talented barbers.

Dave and Geno are grateful to the many customers who have frequented their shop on Post Road and acknowledge that the success of their business is dependent on the regular patronage of these clients and on the introduction of any new customers that come in for a first time. Everyone is welcome here.

If you are contemplating a new look this winter and spring, or you just want to try someplace different, come to this longstanding, traditional barber shop in Warwick.

David’s Greenwood Barber Shop is located at 2879 Post Road. Hours are Tuesday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays, from 8:00am to NOON. Please note this permanent change in Saturday hours – they are open until noon! Men and boys, ten years and older. WALK-INS ONLY!


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