David’s Greenwood Barbershop

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There was a time when you knew your barber like you knew your brother – and you shared your life story with him, just as though he was your brother. It seems as though those days are long gone now in the world of franchised salons where different stylists are on hand every time.

But customers of David’s Greenwood Barbershop in Warwick still get that neighborhood feeling of familiarity and comfort as soon as they walk in to this comfortable and nostalgic barbershop on Post Road.

David’s Greenwood Barbershop on Post Road is a family-run business that knows the value of its loyal customers and the value of a business that has been cutting and styling men and boys’ hair since 1993. Dave Picozzi, the barbershop’s owner, and his son Geno are the kind of guys you want to sit down and shoot the breeze with as they give you a clean cut or trim. They treat you like family and make sure you look your best, no matter the occasion.

If you have an idea for a new style, Dave and Geno will do their best to achieve that look. For those of you who like fades, flat-tops, and line-ups, David’s Greenwood Barbershop is the place to go for the latest cut. Need a trim? No problem at all – just walk right in; no appointment is necessary.

Many may ask what has kept this longstanding business so relevant since 1993? The reason for their success is their consistency, affordability, and personalized approach. There are no frills or slick gimmicks here, just the kind of service you would expect from a business that has endured over two and a half decades of competition, ever-changing trends, times of economic uncertainty, and even times of quarantining and social distancing.

Dave and Geno always cared first and foremost about their customer’s well-being, health, and satisfaction ~ nothing less. The Picozzi’s are grateful to their many customers, both new and longtime, and thank them for their loyal patronage. They acknowledge that staying busy in a world with so many competing barbers isn’t easy. They know it takes the loyalty, trust, and friendship of their many devoted customers.

At this time of year, the Picozzis want to especially thank all those who have remained devoted and regular customers throughout their many years on Post Road. They are both committed to delivering the kind of customer service that has kept them relevant for the past 29 years, and that will carry them through the years ahead.

David’s Greenwood Barbershop has been an enduring presence on the Warwick landscape for over two decades. It is located at 2879 Post Road in Warwick, just north of Gorton Pond. Hours are Tuesday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Though no appointment is ever needed, if you would like more information, call 401-738-7790.


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