Marie Hopkins 

Seeking your vote as State Representative for Hoxsie, Pilgrim Park and Conimicut 


For those who know Marie Hopkins of Warwick, they might describe her in one word ~ she is a “go-getter.”  Passionate about the families and residents of her district.  Driven and motivated to challenge the status quo.  Tireless in her efforts to meet the constituents who have made their lives in the city where she was born, where she raised her family and where generations of her family still live.  Energetic and hardworking when she sets her laser-like vision on a goal, whether that is going back to school to become a nurse at age forty or running for political office at almost 50.  Marie Hopkins is a “go-getter” by every definition of the word. 

If you live in District 21 (which consists of Hoxsie, Conimicut, and Pilgrim Park), then Marie Hopkins is your Republican candidate for State Representative.  She will bring all of her passion, energy and drive to the office when she is elected by those she has committed to serve. For those she has met face-to-face (upwards of several thousand), there is confidence that she will be a catalyst for much-needed change in our city, and state. 

Many may ask, why would this former psychiatric care nurse and current CCRI professor want to throw her hat into the ring when the ring is already so crowded? Her answer is ~ now is the time.  Now is the time to make a difference, to use a lifetime of experience, schooling and personal growth to move forward the things that matter to people. Now is the time to take her views about education, the economy, the rising problems with mental health and other issues of the day and implement them as a representative of her constituents. 

Marie Hopkins is a mother of three young adults; Alex is 14-year-old high school student, Sophia is a 20-year-old student at Brown University (Marie’s Alma Mater) and Madeline is a 22- year-old recent graduate and nurse. Her children are her life’s work.  She has been married to her husband Steve for 24 years; they have partnered in this work all while being supported by her close-knit extended family (including her 92-year-old grandmother and next-door neighbor, Dorothy Griffin).   

Marie is a family-oriented “people person” who wants to give back to her community in a meaningful, productive, and targeted way. She takes very seriously the position she is campaigning for, State Representative of District 21.  She wants to REPRESENT you.  In her words: “I believe in the work I am doing.” 

Marie Hopkins needs your help to cross the finish line on November 8th.  The privilege of electing our public officials is a privilege that many will never experience. Please vote. 

If you have questions for this energized candidate, contact her via email at or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.  To dig deeper into her platform, explore her website at  She is ready to work for you. 


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