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Posted 5/3/22





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Nicolas Cage stars as himself in one of the most bizarre movies of the year.

He is an out-of-work, broke …

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Nicolas Cage stars as himself in one of the most bizarre movies of the year.

He is an out-of-work, broke actor in a troubled marriage, living on his past glories.

His agent books him at a birthday party for a shady drug dealer (Pedro Pascal) at his posh, guarded villa in Mallorca.

The two men bond and plan to make a movie. The CIA arrives, recruiting Nick to spy on his host, raising all sorts of guilt because he has come to like the guy.

The movie gets very silly as the CIA agents chase the two men around the island.

There are many references to Cage’s former movies as Cage plays a fictional version of his real self.

If you are a fan, you will probably catch more than we did.

“Hatchling” is a Swedish horror film about a young girl who finds an egg that hatches a monster. We skipped this one, along with “Memory,” yet another Liam Neeson adventure about a hired gun (Neeson) who has early onset Alzheimer’s. Neeson was a great actor (“Schindler’s List”) who is pumping out these tough guy movies at an age when he should be enjoying retirement.


“Grace and Frankie” are back for more funny half-hour episodes. The opening one finds Nick living with them after being paroled. Their former husbands are back living together. We’ll see what the writers have in store for these odd couples.

“Better Call Saul” is back for another season, with Jimmy/Saul getting his lawyer license back in #5, giving away untraceable phones to shady characters to get their business, getting involved with a Mexican cartel and hooking up with Kim. Meanwhile Mike is involved with the cartel when he’s not babysitting his granddaughter. Season six finds him getting deeper involved.

“Pieces of Her” star Toni Collette is a wife/mother with a hidden past. Her older daughter starts probing after a shocking opening scene. This short series will hold your interest. Collette is terrific.

“Hold Tight,” another Harlan Coben novel that Netflix likes to turn into short series, has a young high schooler dying from an overdose. His best friend is acting strangely and his mother starts probing as to what happened the night of Igor’s death. Things get very complicated, as they usually do in Coben’s novels.




* * * ½ Joyce * * * (Don)

English Drama-Comedy

A bit long on the drama and short on the humor, this British film is based on the true story of Kempton Bunton, a rabble-rousing senior citizen who is on trial for stealing a portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery.

Jim Broadbent is completely charming as Kempton, a man who believes strongly enough in his principles to fight for free TV access for seniors.

Helen Mirren plays his nagging but faithful wife.

There is a sad element to the film as the two seniors are mourning the death of a child in their own ways. Their son is still living with them in their modest home, and he plays a major role in the robbery.

After watching the trailers, I expected more humor, but the story is sad, as we get a glimpse of how seniors struggled in the sixties – living modestly and spending their evenings together watching TV while eating dinner on TV trays.

The fun part of the movie comes at the end when Kempton goes on trial, pleading guilty while expounding about everything that is wrong with the government.

You’ll be cheering for him.


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