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For all your moving needs in 2023


The pages of the calendar have now flipped, and a new year has been ushered in. What will 2023 bring for you and your family? New dreams? New trials? New beginnings? New opportunities? Perhaps one of those new opportunities will require you to make a big move this year, or maybe even just a smaller, more local one? Change is on the horizon for us all.

There are times in life when these inevitable changes are unexpected and often unsettling like when a rogue windstorm lands a crushing tree limb on your house, an eviction notice that was impossible to avoid shows up in your mailbox or a loved one passes away, leaving a household of possessions behind.

Whether you have unexpected or long-planned changes this year, these life events will often require the help of a professional mover who can safely and dependably move your possessions from one location to another. All these life events call for the help and services of a trustworthy moving company just like RL Davis Moving & Storage.

RL Davis Moving & Storage has a longstanding presence in Rhode Island where it has served home and business owners for as far back as licensing records have been kept. When Michael Hewitt bought the company in 1999, he knew he had an important legacy to preserve.

Michael Hewitt is a lifelong Rhode Islander and Warwick homeowner who is known for his loyalty to his community, to his employees and to his many customers. Michael knows that the reputation of this company depends entirely on the professionalism of his moving crews ~ all of whom are insured and carefully vetted. Courteous, on time and respectful would all be words used to describe this team of dedicated movers.

No job is too big or too small for RL Davis Moving & Storage whether you are moving only some possessions, or all of them! They will move your belongings from your residence to anywhere in New England, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Maine, and even into New York and New Jersey.

One of the things Michael and his talented team take pride in is the way they take care of those who need an extra hand. If you are a senior who is planning a move, R.L. Davis knows the potential hardship that moves impose on the elderly and offers them a 5% discount. Furthermore, they are one of a handful of local businesses that contract with the state to move those receiving public assistance.

While RL Davis are professional movers and packers, if you prefer to do the packing yourself, this company has all your supplies for sale, including boxes, tape and more.

If are planning a move or need help in an unexpected one, call RL Davis Moving & Storage today at 463-0006, 884-2355 or their toll free number at 1-877-MOVE-U-OUT.


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