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Posted 9/23/21

Warwick Showcase & HBO Max


***½ (Joyce)*** (Don) How could you not like Clint Eastwood?

The actor/director of this “feel good” movie is 91 years old and can …

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Warwick Showcase & HBO Max



***½ (Joyce)   *** (Don)

How could you not like Clint Eastwood?

The actor/director of this “feel good” movie is 91 years old and can still play a hero’s role like nobody else.

I thought the story about an aging former rodeo star who goes to Mexico to rescue his former boss’s son from his mean mother was a bit over the top.

Joyce, the romantic, bought into it.

Dwight Yoakum, one of my favorite old-time country singers, plays the 12-year-old Rafo’s father, who has ulterior motives for bringing his son across the border to Texas.

Rafo is reluctant at first, but soon is lured by the chance for a better life than living on the edge with his cockfighting rooster, Macho.

The old man and the boy slowly bond as they are chased by is mother’s goons, hiding out in a small town where they are befriended by a café owner (Natalia Traven).

There are some touching and humorous scenes as Mike acclimates himself to the Mexican culture and falls for the cafe owner.

Lessons are learned. Friendships are formed. And decisions must be made.

Will Rafo make it to Texas?

What will Mike do?

All we will tell you is that Joyce was satisfied with the ending.

Rated PG-13 with a bit of cursing.

Warwick Showcase & Avon


**** (Joyce)***½ (Don)

Based on the lives of Tammy Faye Bakker and her husband, evangelist Jim Bakker, Michael Showalter’s fictional approach follows the previous documentary of the same name. The difference being that you can imagine what they said and did in their private moments together.

I despised the characters for the charlatans they were, including Vincent D’Onofrio’s right-on portrayal of Jerry Falwell.

Joyce found some sympathy for Tammy Faye, who she thought was too naïve and trusting of her greedy husband. You can draw your own conclusions.

The movie focuses more on Tammy, who along with Jim builds an unbelievable following back in the ’70s and ’80s with their “700 Club” and own TV network, followed by a “religious” theme park.

Tammy became one of the most admired women in the world, in spite of her outrageous makeup, false eyelashes, piercing voice and championing of then-unpopular causes like AIDS.

You may remember that Bakker is found guilty of a long list of financial crimes.

What happens to Tammy may be considered redemption by some.

Jessica Chastain gives an Oscar-winning performance as Tammy. I thought Andrew Garfield was a bit over the top as Jim. Also good were Cherry Jones as Tammy’s mother and Gabriel Olds as Pat Robertson.

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