January 24, 2015

We were at Rocky Point to photograph the sun rise on New Year’s Day last year. Our photographer could have yelled his lungs empty, yet no one was close enough to hear him.

We were at Rocky Point to photograph the sun set on the last day of the year. Our photographer again found himself alone.

In between, we’ve …

I hadn’t paid attention to where I would be sitting, just happy to have made my … More
“I have a dream …” Those words, spoken by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. … More
We are always pleased when our elected officials and the people they appoint to execute … More
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Editorial Cartoon
This Side Up
John Howell
My Take on the News
Lonnie Barham
John Hazen White, Jr.
The presumptive Democratic nominee for president in 2016 is unquestionably Hillary Rodham … More
If you’d like to send your child to a different school next year, now’s the time to … More
More than a quarter-million American women served honorably in the Iraq and Afghanistan … More
Whether or not you set New Year’s Resolutions, it’s hard not to think about healthy … More
In Greek mythology, Sisyphus, the King of Ephyra (Cornith), was punished by the god Zeus … More
Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: 

It is often said we live in the “Information Age” when what we really live in is an age of far too much information.

Anyone who watches television news is continually bombarded with an unrelenting wave of bad news. The local lead story is almost always a murder, fire or automobile accident. An …

To the Editor: To encourage the International Olympic Committee to choose Boston to … More
To the Editor:  I am writing because we need your help. My husband, Richard, was hit … More
To the Editor: After seeing the story in the Beacon about Leviton, it brought back … More
To the Editor: Today our law enforcement is under duress caused by a series of … More
To the Editor: I wondered why it was going to take nine months to replace the bridge … More
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