September 1, 2014

Take some water, add some ice, put it in a bucket and raise more than $79 million.

It sounds impossible, but that’s what the ice bucket challenge has done to raise funds to fight ALS since the phenomenon captured the public’s attention and went viral. The challenge could be likened to a charity ponzi, where the …

Some is better than none. That adage fits the School Department’s decision to move … More
The Democratic gubernatorial primary has gotten very interesting. Less than three … More
FERRI PRODUCES A GOOD PLAN: State Representative Frank Ferri, the Warwick Democrat who is … More
To the Editor: The year was 1964, and I was entering my junior year at Pilgrim High … More
To the Editor: I have some comments on Kevin Vealey’s August 14 letter to the … More
Editorial Cartoon
This Side Up
John Howell
My Take on the News
Lonnie Barham
John Hazen White, Jr.
With less than two weeks before the September 9th Democratic primary, gubernatorial … More
Millions of Americans were shocked to hear that 63-year-old Robin Williams died from an … More
Somebody once said that there’s only a handful of basic stories in the world, and that … More
It was Governor’s Bay Day this past weekend, where the bonus was free parking and free … More
Following meetings with dozens of business leaders from a cross section of industries, I … More
Letters to the Editor

With less than two weeks before the September 9th Democratic primary, gubernatorial candidates are working overtime to get their political message out by mailed campaign literature and bombarding the airways with their 30-second commercials and at debates.

As primary day quickly approaches, political new comer Clay …

To the Editor: I go down to the beach at the end of SAM Gorton almost every day to … More
To the Editor: The tragedy of Michael Brown’s death and the questioning of Officer … More
To the Editor: Outraged by an Angel Taveras ad, I have a question to ask. And I’m … More
To the Editor: A few thoughts on the mayoral primary as I still consider myself a … More
To the Editor: So I went on to Facebook to see about the people who are running for … More
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